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CouponPal.com gives you access to free coupons and deals that you can use to save money on online purchases. We work directly with thousands of online stores to get the best deals the web has to offer, so you can enjoy your shopping experience and put a few extra dollars in your pocket.

Shoppers today are bombarded with deals and it's our mission to make it as easy as possible to save at all of your favorite stores. All of our deals are verified by our team of experts and we're here to help if you have any trouble.

Our Deal: The CouponPal Story from Scott Elling, Founder & CEO

Living in a trailer growing up, I learned the value of saving money from a young age. It wasn't always cool to be sorting through the paper and clipping coupons, but let me tell you, the dollars added up. "A penny saved is a penny earned", my Mom always told me - and she was right. Well, now it's my turn to help you put some extra cash back in your pocket the 21st century way with a cost-cutting technique I discovered sitting right before my eyes.

It was 2009. I worked in online marketing promoting big name online retailers and thought I knew everything about the business. Mother's Day came around and I went online to order flowers for my Mom when a little box labeled "Promotional Code" at checkout caught my eye.

I Googled it immediately. To my surprise, I found tons of websites with lists of codes promising to save me money. I riffled through the deals and tried three or four different promos growing increasingly dubious with each failed attempt. Then I struck gold! My first 10% + Free Shipping connection!

I started building a website that I wanted to use. I recruited industry experts Kevin Helms, a top-talent who worked closely with online savings sites and managed coupon distribution for the web's biggest retailers, and Mike Mothner, founder of Wpromote, an Inc. 500 and Addy award winner, to develop the idea. After a lot of hard work, the site went live in September of 2010 and our customers started saving big - over $1 million our first year!

We think our customers are the smartest shoppers on the web. While people are wasting time with auctions and second hand sites, the select few expert buyers like you combine to save nearly $5 billion a year using coupons online. Did you know that less than half of people shopping online currently utilize these special codes and offers to save money? Yet, in the time it takes to read this paragraph, the average online coupon user could save $19!

At CouponPal, we love to shop online! It's quick, easy, and saves money - especially, with a few coupon codes cutting down the price. CouponPal.com gives visitors free access to special coupons and exclusive promos that help them save money. We build relationships with each of the stores we feature on our site and manually load and test every deal to ensure their quality and reliability. It's our hands on approach that sets us apart! It might take us a little extra work, but when our customers are satisfied it's all worth it.

Ready to start saving? Let CouponPal help. Search for your favorite store and start shopping.