4 Pros and Cons of Herbal Remedies; or, The Herb's the Word

Merlin, King Arthur’s sorcerer, was an herbalist. Catherine Zeta-Jones and Sir Paul McCartney are zealous supporters of homeopathy. Even some prominent figures in the  traditional medical field have stepped out as exponents of the alternative sciences. But does herbalism – the use of concentrated herbs to treat certain ailments – merit credence? Are its advantages real or placebo? Are there disadvantages to usage? As with all medications, herbalism has its pros and its cons, and if you’re considering using this alternative treatment, here are snippets of the two sides of the argument for your edification.

Pro: Herbalism has been around forever

Con: The benefits of herbalism are largely unproven

Any herbalist or herbal-user will cite the centuries, even millennia-old tradition of such remedies as proof of their effectiveness. Herbal remedies have been a staple of Chinese medicine long before Western practices emerged, and the fact that these treatments are still practiced today is testimony enough.

That said, modern day science demands rigorous and scrupulously documented studies that can vouch for the effectiveness of any drug or remedy. Because little headway has been made to officially substantiate herbal remedies, they cannot be categorized or sold as “medicines.”

Pro: Lower risk of side effects

Con: Harmful interaction with current medications

Because herbal remedies are naturally occurring, most users’ bodies will be able to tolerate them without side-effects or distemper. Usually herbs only turn potentially damaging in high doses and high concentrations.

However, because there is no centralized body that regulates dosages, concentrations, and instructions in and for herbal remedies, the ingredients in them can sometimes conflict with pharmaceuticals a patient is already taking. Before supplementing any medicinal regimen with herbs it is important to discuss the options with your physician.

Pro: Herbalists can mix and match concoctions

Con: You’ve got to know who to trust

The alternative sciences allow for almost an alchemical approach to brewing remedies, and the abundance of elements in a single formula can work on several bodily functions at once. For instance, an Internal Cleansing Kit sanitizes not just one specific organ, but is a holistic cleanser that targets the entire body.

But that regulation is still needed in the alternative sciences means that formulae and medications can be over-concentrated or even accidentally contaminated with potentially harmful additives. Make sure you buy from a trustworthy vendor, like Blessed Herbs, that can ensure quality.  

Pro: Herbal remedies are really cheap compared to pharmaceuticals

Con: N/A (I lied, so it’s like 4 pros and 3 cons)

They’re not covered by insurance because they’re not considered medication, but herbal remedies can oftentimes be priced with a few less zeroes compared to prescription pills and drugs. Even the more expensive herbal treatments can be discounted if you use the right Blessed Herbs coupon code. Even if you’re already paying a fortune on pharmaceuticals, you can, with your doctor’s permission, supplement your treatment with natural herbal remedies on the cheap. The herb might just be harebrained alternative that helps.  

By: Seth

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