0007: The Stealthy Shopper: Dr. No vs. Dr. Sinatra!

My mission? To find the best deals on the web for specific products and services – efficiently, in a cost-effective manner, and without being killed. Oh, and I also have to be able to use a coupon code to save money on them. This time...Omega-3 Supplements!

In my line of work, health-risks come with the territory: dodging laser beams, escaping from piranhas, dodging piranhas who are shooting laser beams, blah blah blah. It’s very stressful, which has no doubt contributed to my high-blood pressure. Also, a lot of times I have to eat on the go, which means a lot of fast-food that contributes to my high-cholesterol. The Agency doc suggested I try an Omega-3 Supplement, which can help lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels, and reduce blood pressure.

Okay, fine, but which one would be best for me? I began my search by using something called “Google,” which provides instant access to virtually all of the information on the planet. Since I was headed off to stop the diabolical Dr. No’s predictably diabolical plan and wanted to know more about him, I decided to kill two birds with one solid-gold bullet from my Walther PPK Keyboard. I furtively typed in “Omega-3 Dr. No.” Here’s what came up:

Hmm, thought I. Dr. Dave? Sure, maybe he’s a good guy, but his name didn’t inspire a lot of confidence in me. Then I saw Dr. Stephen Sinatra. Who doesn’t love Ol’ Blue Eyes? Plus, it said “Shop Vitamins & Supplements” right there, and that’s what I wanted to do. So, I clicked on the link to Dr. Sinatra’s website and saw that he had a vast and complete myriad of different types of health products. I was intrigued. But no – all I wanted at this point was an Omega-3 supplement. Focus, damn you, focus!

But I wasn’t going to buy something from him just because he had a cool name. I then searched for reviews of his Omega Q Plus® 100 and they were almost all enthusiastically favorable. The man’s reputation in the supplement industry was indeed impeccable. Then I compared his prices to other similar products. His were very competitive, if not just plain, objectively lower.

I had to check one more thing before I made my decision to buy: Could I use a coupon code to save money on them? Yes! I found it right here.

Mission Summary:

I began taking Omega Q Plus as directed and my blood-pressure and cholesterol are both down. I went to Jamaica, stopped Dr. No from capturing an American space capsule, and pushed him into a pool of boiling, radioactive water. I also met a hot babe. Success!

Case closed. So, until we meet again...Goodbye, Joigin, Au Revoir, Adios, Auf Wiedersehen, Sayōnara, Ma'a as-salāmah, and Hamba Kahle. Sorry if I missed anyone, but those are the only languages I learned at spy school.

By: Peter

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