10 Best Hotels in the World on Your Budget

Are you celebrating your honeymoon? Your anniversary? Your first vacation in five years? Or kissing the familiar borders of your hometown goodbye once and for all? Whatever your reason for traveling is, the time for the trip is right now. You might think, but hotels are so expensive. And that’s true...if you don’t book with Hotels.com. Here’s a list of 10 of the best hotels in the world that meet at the intersection of affordability and style. They're accommodating, (relatively) spacious, at times ultra-modern and at others throwbacks to ages of antiquity, but they're all on the cheap end. 

1. The Amanta Hotel & Residence in Bangkok

The Amanta Ratchada is a two-minute walk from the nearest metro station at the Thailand Cultural Centre, so it’s very convenient. Most appealing are the spacious double-rooms that can be had for just double the price of a single, and come with an en-suite kitchenette, washing machine, TV, lounge, and balcony – quite the digs for a short or extended stay. In addition to booking with a Hotels.com coupon code, email the online concierge to negotiate the best rate.

Peak Season: November to February

Rate: Starting at $103

What to do: Get your Buddhism on and visit the plethora of temples that are constellated throughout the city. And make sure you avoid the more touristy restaurants in favor of the local markets, especially Or Tor Kor.

2. The Arosfa Hotel in London

This updated classic is a renovated and repurposed Georgian townhouse formerly inhabited by a famous 19th century English painter. It wafts in the scent of crisp new and quaintly old books from several bookstores that encircle its property, and it’s modern decor is tastefully integrated with a touch of the yore. There’s also a garden where you can lounge, lick your finger, and leaf through your new books. With London’s weather as poor as it is, you might find yourself in your hotel room more than not.  

Peak season: April to September

Rate: Starting at $114

What to do: Take in some Rigoletti or some Williams at the epitome of decadence, Royal Opera House, and after indulge your more debauched side at the speakeasy-styled Experimental Cocktail club.  

3. The Hotel Georgette in Paris

The proprietors of this modernizing hotel is a family, and their motto is thrift. Rooms either come included with a bathroom (at a premium), or you can check in to a cheaper room and use the john in the hallway. The hotel is right on the border of some of Paris’ most sought after locales, as well as a metro station, so make sure to grab the complimentary breakfast before taking off to go adventuring for the day.

Peak season: March to September

Rate: Starting at $279

What to do: Build up a hearty appetite as you stroll down the romantic, if a little murky, Seine, perhaps even hitch a lock to the latticed bridgework; then, when you’re good and hungry, dine at Le Fumoir near the Louvre museum – it’s really not that pricey.  

4. The Santa Grand Hotel Bugis in Singapore

It pales in comparison to the grand Indian and Buddhist temples that are stone’s throws away, but the Santa Grand Hotel Bugis still boasts many attractive amenities. After your trips to the cultural centers and sites just around the corner, return to the hotel to make yourself comfortable in the swimming pool and Jacuzzi. Travel is convenient, with a metro station but a few yards away from the front door.  

Peak season: June to July

Rate: Starting at $104

What to do: Escape the overwhelming urbanity and take a jog or stroll through the lush Botanic Gardens, and when you need a break from the outdoors, feast your eyes on the masterpieces of art installed at the Ritz-Carlton Singapore.  

5. The Cosmo Hotel in Hong Kong

The Cosmo Hotel is located in the frenetic Mongkok, renowned for its shopping. The hotel possesses a modernity and serenity the older, and bustling Mongkok lacks, and for that reason is a welcome sanctuary to those who stay. The rooms are bright and big, and overlook the street markets and the pop-up restaurants down below. And at just $90 a night to start, the Cosmo certainly merits its place as one of the best hotels in the world on a budget.   

Peak season: January, May, and October (Holiday seasons)

Rate: Starting at $90

What to do: Scale to the summit of Victoria Peak and take in the breathtaking expanse that is the panoramic view of Hong Kong. When you find your appetite after reclaiming your sure-footing, eat at Lin Heung for a flavorful taste of authentic, no frills food.

6. The Jane Hotel in New York City

What it lacks in abundant space, the Jane Hotel makes up for in a long and storied history, an unbeatable location on the upper West Side overlooking the Henry Hudson river, and distinctive if quirky decor. The rooms are small (the hotel was built as a budget quarterhouse popular with sailors at the turn of the century), so don’t expect to be doing your jogging laps indoors. But why would you want to when you can walk a few blocks and run in Central Park?  

Peak season: June – September

Rate: Starting at $99 a night

What to do: Take your pick between Bryant park near Grand Central Station and the fabled 42nd street, or Central Park that stretches over 40 square blocks. Then head south to Brooklyn and grab a perfect slice of Grimaldi’s pizza as you watch the steamers sleepily pass by on the East River.  

7. The Hotel Espana in Barcelona

Born out of one of Spain’s most profound modernist movements in architecture, the Hotel Espana bears all the marks of early 20th century artistic flourish and reserve, but combined with the technological innovations of the present day. The in-house restaurant stands alone as a culinary destination, and the proximity to popular but off-the-beaten path tourist sites is a bonus.  

Peak season: June to October

Rate: Starting at $151

What to do: The Hotel Espana isn’t the only modernist artefact to be explored, the city is rife with signature modernist buildings by greats like Gaudi, and should be taken in on foot. Then slip into Euskal Etxea for a typical tapas afternoon snack or supper.  

8. The Relais Palazzo Taverna in Rome

Booking here is extremely competitive, as the Relais Palazzo only has 11 rooms to spare. But that should be all the more reason to reserve a room early, as this particular hotel was built into a fortress still standing since the 12th century. Decor is a hybrid between self-aware 1960’s hippie whimsy and strict modernism, but the surrounds certainly honor the much older Italian heritage.  

Peak season: April to June, September to November, and December to January

Rate: Starting at $179

What to do: Grab a sword and shield and rush into the high-walled Colosseum, where you can still hear the ancient echoes of clashing iron and raucous cheering. When you’ve had enough of sport, join the throngs of people in the Vatican in solemn quiet as they listen to the Pope speak.  

9. Sunroute Plaza in Tokyo

The Hotel Sunroute Plaza is convenient to a number of popular and connected city centers, like major shopping hubs and Shinjuku Station (for easy transportation to / from Narita airport). The rooms are spick and span, but definitely on the more humbly-sized. Don’t come expecting lavish amenities – the Sunroute’s expertise is in giving you exactly what you need, in a timely and efficient manner, but nothing more.

Peak season: March to May, July to August, and December to January

Rate: Starting at $202

What to do: Get your tickets for front row seats to a Sumo match at Ryogoku Kokugikan, and then stretch your legs as you walk through the artistically-infused, pleasant Yoyogi Park.

10. The Hotel Angeleno in Los Angeles

Lined by palm trees and succulents, the Hotel Angeleno straddles three of LA’s most popular neighborhoods. In-house dining, superb service, and views that stretch all the way to the Pacific Ocean are what can be found in even the most conservatively priced room. But the real kicker here is the complimentary wine hour every evening in the lobby. Enjoy Los Angeles responsibly...  

Peak season: Always (the weather is perfect year-round)

Rate: Starting at $188

What to do: Visit the coastal beaches as far north as Malibu and beyond, or as far south as Redondo and Matador. Then, whether you’re ready to drop major cash or just want to window shop, scoot yourself over to the Rodeo Drive of Pretty Woman lore. It’s really all it’s cracked up to be, with bespoke and high-end fashion and jewelry stores galore.

You can spend a lifetime traveling the globe and checking in to these fine establishments, but you don’t ever need to spend your life’s savings. Enjoy a stay at one of the best hotels in the world on your budget, and you can bet you'll never want to leave.  

By: Seth

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