10+ Brilliant Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Everyone You Know

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Woohoo, you’re already done with your holiday shopping! Except...wait….there are still stockings that need stuffing! Don’t panic and just dump a lot of candy in there. Here are our top stocking stuffer ideas that will be perfect for everyone you know, plus deals to keep your holiday shopping from putting you in the red. There are no rules against self-gifting at the holidays, so use the money you save to buy a little something for yourself!

For The Homebody


Every homebody knows the pure joy of a cozy night in with a good book (or Netflix, let’s be real) and a steaming hot mug of his favorite warm beverage – tea, coffee, hot cocoa, hot toddy, whatever it is. For the homebody you know, make their cozy nights in even more enjoyable with a funny mug, like this one from Amazon. Forget the tea, a night in is much better with a few sips of wine, right?

For The Busybody

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Know somebody who never seems to stop to breathe? They’re probably so busy they can’t be bothered to tie their shoelaces. Eliminate the necessity of tying shoelaces by stuffing their stocking with Lock Laces. These are also a great stocking stuffer idea for kids who are constantly tripping on untied laces! You can take a few bucks off the price with a coupon, too.

For Mom

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After all those years of surprising you with goodies under the tree and in your stocking, isn’t it high time you treated your mom to a bit of holiday fun? The Best of Juice Beauty sampler is like those chocolate advent calendars, except instead of chocolate, it has an organic beauty product sample behind each door. Mom can open them all at once, or one per day, however she likes. After all, she makes the rules around here.

For The Tech Geek


A tech geek is tethered by one critical limitation: battery life. Make recharging easier for your favorite tech geek by gifting him a power cube, which will let him charge all his various gadgets and devices at once. Also it looks cool – win-win!

For Dad

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Everyone’s dad likes to sit back and relax sometimes and enjoy himself a cool, refreshing glass of beer. You can streamline is beer experience by getting him this innovative beer opening glass. The bottom of the glass itself has a beer bottle opener, so he doesn’t even have to get up from his comfy chair to get an opener.

For The Glam Girl


Do you know a girl who is always trying new makeup techniques and whose bathroom sink looks like a shimmery war-zone? Well you may not know about her favorite brands or the products she wants to try next (and it’s probably best not to try to guess) but you can get her a brand new tool set – a professional set of makeup brushes with a carrying case. It’s a good deal for you too, if you use a promo code to shave a few bucks off the price. If she’s already got tons of makeup brushes, then why not gift her a subscription to a monthly makeup and beauty box?

For The Gamer

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It might be hard to tear your favorite gamer’s eyes off the screen long enough to ask what he’d like as a stocking stuffer, so we’re here to help you out a little. If he doesn’t already have them, KontrolFreek’s controller add-ons attach to his Xbox or Playstation controllers to give him more accuracy, control, and comfort while gaming. Grab the GamerPack Classic and make sure he has a little of everything KontrolFreek has to offer. If he already has those, well, grab him these Pac Man chocolates. Nobody says no to sweets!

For The Gym Rat


For the exercise fiend who loves listening to jams to get pumped up, there’s nothing more annoying than when her headphones start to buzz and crackle, and finally stop working. The solution? Stuff some specialized sports earbuds in her stocking, and she’ll thank you as she runs out the door to the gym.

For Kids

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Kids are naturally creative, so let their creativity run wild with this fun stocking stuffer: Rory’s Story Cubes are like dice, except instead of dots they have pictures on each side. Your kids can use them to create their own stories, act out skits, and much more. You can also use them as party games or ice-breakers!

For Grandma & Grandpa

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Make family time with grandma and grandpa even more fun by stuffing a fun trivia or card game in one of their stockings! Cards Against Humanity might not be the best choice, but Kwizniac or Scattergories are both super fun and appropriate for the whole family, grandchildren included.

For The Dog


If your family is anything like mine, the dog has a stocking, too. After all, she’s part of the family. Along with a lot of treats, make sure you stuff some new toys in your dog’s stocking. And since it’s the holiday season, why not splurge a little? Get Fido this awesome LED light up ball so you can play glowing games of fetch any time of day or night.

For The Cat

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The cat might like to pretend he doesn’t know you, but as soon as there’s a possibility he might get a treat from you, he’s right there asking for a belly rub. Give him the gifts he deserves for gracing you with his presence this holiday  – a few fun feather toys and some catnip should satisfy His Majesty. Plus you can save your extra dollars for extra treats for him, since Petsmart is offering some sweet holiday deals. His Majesty will approve.

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