10 Coachella Fashion Items that Will Help You Survive the Weekend(s)

The best fest in the west is approaching, and of course we mean Coachella. You’ve got your tickets for the first, second, or both weekends. You’ve got your tent ready for pitching. You’ve got your close-knit clan, which will most likely disintegrate within an hour of reaching the grounds. But have you properly crammed your duffel with clothes ready to weather the awesome storm that will be this festival? If you’ve yet to pack, here’s a list of Coachella fashion items that just may save you from epic failure.

1. The Tank Top

Although the weather report isn’t predicting any 100+ degree days, it’s still going to be in the upper 80s and 90s, with some “blazing sunshine” beating down your back. The more skin you show, the more uniform your tan will be – so the less material the better. If you forego the tank top for something more akin to a bikini top, no one’s judging (just make sure you’re wearing sunblock!)


2. Sunglasses

Don’t miss your favorite band because you were squinting through their whole set: bring along a pair of UV-blocking sunglasses. There’s a decent chance that they might get trampled or scratched, so don’t spend a fortune on them – use a coupon code  to take the price down, and maybe get yourself two pairs just in case.

3. Temporary Tattoos

If there is one best place for funky body art, it is Coachella. Fashion experts predict that this year, gold and silver body art is going to be the in look at Coachella. If you’re not too excited about princess and superhero temporary tattoos from the supermarket, try grabbing some Pixie Ink Tattoos . They’re non-toxic, last 4-6 days, and come in a variety of artsy and tribal designs.

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 2.48.55 PM.png

4. Sweatshirt / Pants

Coachella bans all blankets from the festival grounds, so if you forget your layers, you will freeze in the chilly desert night air. If someone next to you forgot to bring their layers, an extra pair of sweats makes for a great conversation starter.

5. Sunblock

You’re going to be outside in the desert for days at a time: no matter how sunburn-resistant you think your skin is, trust me, it’s no match for the desert sunshine. Plus with your weird getup, you’re probably showing more skin than usual. You’re going to need a lot of sunblock. Goldfaden MD sunvisor is a good choice because it’s small enough to fit into your fanny pack or cross-body bag, and it’s natural and appropriate for all skin types. I also like Neutrogena Helioplex sunblock because you can get it up to 100 SPF, and as a pale person this is kind of a necessity for me!

6. Comfortable Shoes

You will be standing way longer than you could ever imagine, running to and fro, jumping over both inanimate and human obstacles – so you will need comfortable shoes. Chaco or Teva sandals would be my recommendation – they’re sturdy enough to give you the support you need, but as sandals they’re ideal for the desert. You can grab a pair at Shoes.com and save with a discount code.

7. Bandana

This will be your best friend. A bandana not only makes for a bold fashion statement, its greatly utilitarian as well: it catches the sweat from your headbanging hair; it keeps the same hair out of your eyes; you can drench it in cool water and apply it to your fiery scalp; and you can wave it in the air as a beacon to notify others of your whereabouts.  

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 2.50.06 PM.png

8. Watch

You will want to use your cellphone sparingly and only in emergencies – bandwidth gets jammed and battery juice dries up fast. That said, you will also want to know what time it is so you don’t show up late to any of the sets you planned on catching. Maybe you’re not usually watch-wearer, but you’ll find a watch to be an incredibly useful, handy (right or left) tool for telling the time at Coachella, and they can be bought on the cheap. If you’re willing to shell out around $45, a Modify Watch is a great way to go – they look cool and are heat, sweat, and waterproof, perfect for Coachella.

9. Camelback

Hydration is of paramount importance during the festival weekends, so drink up. For this reason, Camelbacks are convenient suppliers of liquids (interpret how you will) and they don’t clutter up your hands. You can also store other necessities in the Camelback, and keep them out of your pockets so you can break out the dance moves without breaking your phone.

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 2.55.31 PM.png

10. Fannypack or Small Purse

You’re going to need a secure, compact place to keep all your essentials. A fannypack would be my first choice, even if they look a little silly. You can wind it through your belt loop for extra security. If you’re not the fannypack type (not everyone is), then go for small crossbody purse. Punchcase makes some awesome ones that are small enough to wear in a crowd, cute, and best of all they include a battery so you can keep your phone charged all weekend long.

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