10 Games You Should Be Playing Right Now

In the old days, you could only play the latest games on your PC. Now, with software from VMware, you can play PC games on your Mac. Gamers everywhere can rejoice that the hottest titles can be played on any computer. Another reason to celebrate? There are always amazing discounts to help you snag software at crazy low prices!

Now that you can play on whatever device you want, these are 10 games you need to be playing ASAP.

1. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

This game is a must-have for any comic book fan. You can choose from over 100 different comic characters from the Marvel world, and use them to take out some scary villains (like Loki and Dr. Doom).

2. Minecraft

If you’re not playing this game, you might be the only one. Minecraft lets you be in charge of your own destiny, and there are endless possibilities, so you don’t have to worry about getting sick of the game quickly.

3. Total War: Shogun 2

This is one of those games that you can play just to enjoy the scenery. The battles are all the more epic because of the awesome visuals.

4. BioShock Infinite

This game is actually one of the best-reviewed games on the market today. First-person shooter games have never been this imaginative or captivating.

5. Papers Please

Do you find yourself silently judging all the people who work in customs? If you think you could do a better job approving who goes in and out of the country, check out this unique game that’s more about integrity and intelligence than gaming skills.

6. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

If you like your games with a strong storyline, this one can’t be beat. You can fight battles, solve puzzles, and check out the amazing graphics.

7. World of Warcraft: Cataclysm

Not many games can say they’ve created entire universes to explore (well none as much as WoW, anyway). This version has tons of extras to excite even the most hardcore fans.

8. Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2 has recently become available to play for free. This is great news, since this game is still as entertaining as ever.

9. Rocksmith 2014

Anyone can learn to be a guitar god (or goddess) with Rocksmith. Just plug in your guitar or bass, and this game will teach you the basics. You’re that much closer to having groupies.

10. Batman: Arkham City

Wouldn’t it be nice to be the Caped Crusader? Well, you can place yourself in Batman’s shoes when you take on this action-packed game.

True gamers have access to the best titles on all their devices. Now, PC and Mac users alike can challenge themselves with these rad games.

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