10 Signs You're a Disney Addict

Even for those of us who have long since passed the age of 7, the world of Disney still has a definite hold on many people. See if these 10 statements apply to you to determine whether you’re truly obsessed with everything Disney-related.

1. You’ve seen “Frozen” too many times to count.

And you have absolutely no shame in singing every word to “Let It Go” extremely loudly.

2. One of your children is named Belle, Jasmine, or Ariel.

But your spouse drew the line at Aurora, Stitch, or Beast.

3. You have a tattoo that looks like this:

And you’re thinking of getting inked at least two more times with Disney-related pics.

4. Your ringtone or screensaver is Disney.

Because it just cheers you up to have “It’s a Small World” playing whenever someone calls you.

5. Your personal checks look like this:

© Disney

You order all of your checks from Checks Unlimited because they’re guaranteed to have designs with Mickey, Minnie, Tinkerbell, and Goofy. You also use coupons at checkout, so you can use your savings on other Disney gear.

6. You’ve dressed up as a Disney character for Halloween.

After the age of 10. And you don’t mind saying that you made an excellent Snow White.

7. You’ve purchased mouse ears.

And worn them proudly...outside of Disneyland.

8. You count down the days til a new Disney movie is released.

“Maleficent” isn’t out yet?!

9. You’ve taken a vacation to a Disney location more than once as an adult.

You’ve even braved taking a Disney cruise.

10. You spend long periods of time thinking about which Disney villain is truly the best.

Cruella has a killer wardrobe but that Ursula knows how to get what she wants.

If you identified with more than a few of these statements, you’re most definitely a Disney addict. Not that there’s any shame in that! Just stick to your motto: Peace, Love, and Mickey.

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