10 Underrated But Totally Appreciated Stocking Stuffers

How many times have you wondered what kind of gift you should get for a loved one? There are so many gift giving occasions throughout the year, I’m sure this scenario is one you’re familiar with. It can be stressful – choosing the proper gift. And sometimes a gift is also a message, a representation of the bond between the gift giver and the gift receiver. And while you should spend a decent amount of time figuring out what to buy your loved ones for Christmas gifts, the stockings stuffers don’t require anywhere near as much focus.

Here are ten stocking stuffer ideas that may seem like a collection of goods you’d accumulate after a day of running errands, but I promise your recipient will be pleased.

1. Free Lattes

Gift cards seem like a bad idea for gifts. They can be perceived as impersonal and thoughtless. But as a stocking stuffer, they’re a brilliant choice. Especially when it comes to gift cards for free coffee beverages. The only thing you need to know is your recipient’s favorite latte spot. Even if you don’t, Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts are great crowd pleasers.

2. Gum

Everyone loves the person at the party/restaurant/meeting who brought gum. We always need more of it, so why not do your loved one a solid and give the gift of fresh breath.

3. Tissue Travel Packs

Very few things in this life are certain, but we are all guaranteed to get at least one more cold in our lives. They might not need purse or pocket-friendly tissues right now, but they will someday.

4. Trashy Magazines

Everyone loves gossip. Even men. If you hand anyone a gossip magazine, they will open and flip through it.

5. Ink and Toner

This is a wonderful stocking stuffer idea, and I’ll tell you why. Going to the store to buy ink or toner is by far the dullest errand to run. Ever. It’s a time waster, and there’s nothing fun about the process. But it is something we all need. Save your recipient a trip to the office superstore and give them a gift they can share with their beloved printer.

In fact, order from Inkfarm and you won’t need to go to the store either. Inkfarm offers one day shipping and prices up to 70% lower than anyone else, so once you place an order (and make sure you use a coupon code for extra savings!) Share your new ink and toner find with the recipient so they never have to run that errand again either. Ah, the gift that keeps on giving.

6. Tea Sampler

Folks can be very particular with their beverage choices. They stick with what they like and what gets them through the day. However, if there’s any way to get people to step outside of their liquid comfort zone, it’s with a sampler pack. They’ll eventually give one of the samples a try and might discover a whole new world of drink.

7. Hand/Face Towelettes

When you have hand or face towelettes, you might not use them often. But if you’re ever without and you find your hands covered in bbq sauce, or whatever, you’ll wish you had something handy to get yourself all cleaned up.

8. M&M’S

M&M’S might seem like a ‘meh’ kind of stuffer, but this is a surprisingly personal pick. Knowing someone’s favorite flavor M&M is a small way of saying, “I know you, understand you, and I love you.” Seriously. If you like M&M’S, you have a favorite flavor. And you are unflinchingly loyal to that flavor.

9. Drinking Straws

The clutzes of the world love straws. Myself included. If there’s any possible way to minimize my spilling odds, I’m in.

10. Tanks and Tees

Basics and essentials in the wardrobe category. Everyone you know wears these, and will always wear these. These can come in multi-packs and can easily be rolled up to fit into a stocking.

P.S. - These are not only great stuffer ideas for the whole family, but they're also extremely budget friendly. Happy Holidays!

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