11 Gifts A Geek Will Appreciate

Just about everyone has a beloved geek in their life. You know – that friend who makes obscure jokes and is always called upon to do the calculations when it’s time to split the bill. Whether you’re a fellow nerd or not, you’ll quickly see the appeal of these 11 delightfully geeky gifts.

1. Limited Edition Star Wars Kinect Bundle

This is such an obvious first choice, I don’t even feel like I really need to justify it. It’s a Star Wars themed Xbox 260 Kinect game bundle. The Xbox console looks like R2-D2, and the controller is gold like C3PO. The bundle comes with the console, Kinect sensor, controller, Star Wars game, headset, and an Xbox LIVE token with exclusive downloadable content. Buy it at Amazon.com.

2. Star Trek Pizza Cutter

Late nights watching your favorite science-fiction shows call for some serious sustenance. When the pizza inevitably arrives, your favorite Trekkie will get a kick out of cutting it with this NCC-1701 Enterprise pizza cutter. If that’s not enough, throw in an Enterprise-shaped bottle opener for the beer that will go along with the pizza. “Live Long and Pizza!”

3. Big Bang Theory Trivia Game

For the Big Bang Theory fan in your life, here’s the perfect gift: the Big Bang Theory Trivia Game. The game includes more than 400 questions about the show and its characters, plus opportunities to play Rock, Paper, Scissors, Spock, Lizard. This game will have you rewatching all of your favorite episodes time and again.

4. Chemistry Cocktail Set & Laboratory Shot Glasses

Is mixing drinks more of an art or a science? After looking at this gift, I’m inclined to say it’s a science. Let the chemist in your life make an experiment of drink mixing with this chemistry-themed cocktail set. You can also complement the set with these laboratory shot glasses in the shapes of lab beakers and flasks. Be careful that you watch what they put in your drink, though...

5. Star Theater Pro Home Planetarium

If you know an avid stargazer, this is the perfect present for them. This professional quality home-planetarium projects stars onto the walls and ceiling so they can enjoy searching for constellations inside their own home. It can even be set to rotate like the real night sky would. Get one at ThinkGeek.com.

6. Math Geek Clock


Math geeks never cease to amaze me with their ability to make meaning from seemingly random strings of symbols. If you know a math whiz, this equations clock might just be the perfect thing for him or her. Instead of numbers, it has equations which, when solved, come out to the numbers that should be on the clock. How funny! If you know how to solve them, that is…

7. Magnetic Putty

This incredible magnetic putty is perfect for anyone, geek or not. It’s just cool! The putty is made with tiny iron particles, so when it’s near the included magnet, the putty itself takes on magnetic properties. Placed around the magnet, it can lift paper clips, tacks, and other small objects. This is a fascinating science present that’s great for kids and adults alike.

8. Great Minds Puzzles

Looking for a puzzle that will keep your favorite geek occupied for a while? These small puzzles were inspired by thoughts of a Great Mind in history (including Edison and Kepler), and comes along with a brief history of each historical figure’s life. The puzzles themselves are the main attraction, though. They don’t look like much, but these puzzles will have even your smartest friends stumped! Buy them at UncommonGoods.com.

9. Shakespearean Insult Mug

For the literature aficionado in your life, nothing could be more ideal than a Shakespeare-themed gift. Add some literary comedy to their life with this hilarious Shakespearean insult mug. But if you get on your friend’s bad side in the future, don’t be surprised if you hear some of these hurled your way…

10. You R2 Cute Top

Geek ladies need love too! This adorable R2-D2 tank top will leave your favorite geeky gal delighted, and she won’t be able to wait to show it off. You can get it, along with other cute gifts for intellectual girls, at ModCloth.com.

11. Cubelets Modular Robotics Kit

For science-loving children (or adults in touch with their inner child), these modular robots are an awesome gift idea. The robotic cubes can be connected to each other in any formation you can imagine. Then the robot will begin to act, and its behavior is determined by the formation of the cubes. So after you put it together, your robot truly will have a mind of its own! 

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