11 Halloween Costumes for People Who Wear Glasses

It can be a pain to wear glasses. Never is it more frustrating than during Halloween time - it can be difficult to find a costume that works with your specs. Well, you no longer have to stress about finding something to wear! We’ve put together a comprehensive list of 11 costumes you can rock that incorporate your glasses into the look! Check out our ideas below!

1. Harry Potter

The boy wizard is probably the number one costume that comes to mind for people who wear glasses, but that’s because it’s one of the best. Get yourself a black robe with a Hogwarts emblem, a wand, and paint a lightning bolt on your forehead, and you’re all set!

2. John Lennon

‘Imagine’ all the compliments you’ll get with a John Lennon costume. As the ultimate Beatles bandmate you simply need a peace sign t-shirt, round specs, and some shaggy hair. Bonus points if you can get someone to accompany you dressed as Yoko Ono.

3. Walter White

There are multiple ways to dress up like Mr. White from “Breaking Bad.” You can go the Hazmat route with a yellow suit and gloves, the tighty whities and white button down, or khakis and a Members Only jacket with a black bowler hat. No matter which ensemble you choose, don’t forget your baggie of blue meth to complete the look.

4. Daria

Even though this cartoon classic was famous in the ‘90s, it will always be in style. All you need is a black pleated skirt, green blazer, combat boots, and your glasses of course! If you really want to rock the nostalgia, grab a friend to dress up as Daria’s BFF, Jane.

5. Nerd

Dressing as a nerd is perfect for someone who either doesn’t have a lot of time to plan their costume or is just lazy. A collared shirt, high-waisted pants, and some suspenders is all you need to get your dork on. For the perfect finishing touches, put some tape on the bridge of your glasses and add a pocket protector!

6. Where’s Waldo

You’ll be easy to spot at any Halloween party if you dress like Waldo. This is another super easy costume to pull off - just don a white and red striped shirt and a beanie with jeans. And the best part is that you’ll be comfortable for a full night of partying - or trick-or-treating!

7. Librarian

Don’t feel like putting a ton of effort into your costume? Just dress up like a librarian with a matronly dress, cardigan, and your hair in a bun. Then, carry around a book and shush people around you.

8. Clark Kent/Superman

Snag a Superman t-shirt and cover it up with a button down shirt. Just leave it unbuttoned enough to see that famous ‘S’ underneath. Thick, black frames will perfect the look. Need some new glasses to make the ultimate Clark Kent? Check out the affordable pairs at EyeBuyDirect, and use a coupon code for extra savings!

9. Colonel Sanders

Think outside the box, and go for a Mr. KFC costume! Wear a white suit with a skinny black tie, and then rock a white wig. Grab a KFC chicken bucket to carry around with you, and you’ll definitely look the part! Yum!

10. Garth from Wayne’s World

This one kinda requires a partner, but Garth from “Wayne’s World” is an awesome costume. You’ll need a plaid shirt, ripped jeans, and one killer blonde wig (with bangs, of course!). Recruit a Wayne to accompany you, and you’ll rock the night away!

11. Napoleon Dynamite

The Napoleon costume never gets old. Get a “Vote for Pedro” tee, baggy Dad jeans, and black moon boots. If you really want to go all out, top it off with a curly wig. Then, squint a lot and do some kick-ass dance moves to really sell it.

Now, dress in your costume, and feel proud of those glasses - they’re what make your outfit so rad!

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