12 Funny Christmas Memes With Solid Holiday Advice

The holidays are just a whirlwind every year, with social calendars jam-packed, tons of shopping, cooking, prepping, hosting...ahh! Take a deep breath and let these funny Christmas memes guide you through this holiday season with their hilarious wisdom.

1. Thanksgiving is over, so now it’s Christmas!


Once Thanksgiving is over, it’s finally appropriate to pull out all the stops on Christmas cheer. But sometimes it can be agonizing to have to wait that long to put up your lights and tree! Don’t worry, no one will notice if you’re listening to Christmas carols on your iPod all through November…

2. So it’s probably time to get rid of those fall decorations.


Your Halloween pumpkins still seemed like appropriate decor even through Thanksgiving, but now that holiday lights and Santa decorations are going up everywhere, it’s probably time to finally get rid of them. Don’t worry, the cat in this funny Christmas meme is in the same boat.

3. Try to get your friends into the spirit.


Everyone has a few friends who get a bit Grinchy around the holidays. They just don’t want to get into the holiday spirit. You can do your best with them, but some of them are bound to have attitudes like this Grumpy Cat meme:


4. Prepare to deal with extended family.


If you (like many yunguns these days) don’t always see eye-to-eye with your in-laws and relatives’ opinions, you might benefit from playing this fun game of In-Law Bingo. It will help keep you sane through holiday meals and get togethers.

5. Try not to get reminded of how single you still are.


Even though all of your aunts and uncles will be asking why you don’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend yet. You’ll be feeling just as frustrated as this funny Christmas meme; try not to let it show. That only gives them more power.

6. Don’t gamble with shipping dates.


You’re pretty unlikely to be as lucky as the person who wrote this Christmas shopping meme, so make sure you get your holiday shopping done early (or you’ll have to pay extra for express shipping!)

7. Don’t get overexcited when you’re out shopping.


It's a zoo out there. If you're not careful you’ll end up like the kid in this funny Christmas gif. But if your kids get overexcited, by all means film them and make it into hilarious gifs for the rest of us.

8. Try to keep the cat away from the Christmas tree.


Because this funny gif shows pretty much exactly how cats feel about Christmas trees.

9. Didn’t I say to keep your cat away from the tree?


Especially if you have an Overly Attached cat like this one.

10. Keep an eye on Santa.


He’s a saucy guy. You never know what he'll do next.

11. On Christmas morning, get right to the point.


Blah blah family time shmamily time – open gifts now, chat over coffee later!

12. Embrace the holiday chub.


After Christmas, most of us are going to feel just like this funny Christmas cat meme. Embrace it. It was worth every second helping, every cookie, and every delicious sip of eggnogg.

Happy Holidays!


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