12 Unique Wedding Ideas To Make Your Day Unforgettable

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Your wedding day is one that you want to be fun, beautiful, and above all unforgettable. Of course, planning it can be a bite of a headache. Here are some fun and unique ideas you can incorporate into your wedding plans to make it a day that either you nor any of your guests will soon forget.

1. Costume Change

Between the wedding and the reception, change from your wedding gown into a more fun, shorter white dress – the better for dancing and partying with your friends and family! The groom might also switch up his outfit a little too – maybe ditch his jacket and don something a little more casual.

2. Childcare

Any of your guests with kids will really appreciate a kid-friendly wedding. You can set up a drawing station with crayons and plenty of paper, and some toys to keep kids occupied. You might even consider hiring a babysitter to keep an eye on kids so that their parents can enjoy the party with their adult friends.


3. Unique Bridesmaids Dresses

Switch up your bridesmaids’ looks. Dresses that are all one color but a variety of different styles, or even several different colors that compliment each other well, will give your wedding party a unique look.

4. Creative “Guest Book”

Instead of just having a boring old book, get a little creative with your “guest book.” Have guests sign an object that means something to you, like a guitar, globe, or small piece of furniture. You can also have a picture of the bride and groom printed on a puzzle and have guests sign the backs of the pieces.

5. Temporary Wedding Tattoos

One of the latest wedding trends is temporary wedding tattoos. Etsy has tons of fun temporary wedding tattoos for your guests to get creative with. You can also get personal with your tattoos and create personalized temporary tattoos for your wedding at Picattoo.com. Make sure you use a coupon to keep the price down.


6. Photo Or Video Booth

Let your guests get their own 15 minutes of fame with a fun photo booth, or better yet, a video booth. Create a themed backdrop and supply some props and let your guests get goofy. If you decide to do a video booth, encourage guests to share funny and embarrassing stories about the bride and groom!

7. A Unique Band

Instead of the traditional string quartet, try hiring a different kind of band – maybe a local band, a single guitarist, a jazz band, even a mariachi band! An unexpected type of music will definitely liven up the party.

8. Dancing Shoes

Almost no one is comfortable standing and dancing in high heels for a long time. Keep the dancing going strong by supplying “dancing shoes” for your guests – cheap flip flop sandals will do the trick.


9. Fun Table Numbers

Get creative with your table number signs. Try writing table numbers on balloons to go above the table, creating number cut-outs, or putting a photo of the bride and groom at the age of each table number.

10. Mixed Wedding Party

The bride and groom probably both have close friends of both genders. Why not mix up the wedding party, so that the bride and groom can each have their closest friends in their side of the wedding party regardless of gender? This nontraditional idea can make your wedding much more inclusive.

11. Interesting Transportation

Your guests all have to get from the ceremony to the reception, so why not provide fun transportation for them? A school bus, horse carriages, even hot air balloons – get really creative and make it a fun part of the whole experience instead of just boring transportation.


12. Useful Favors

Hand out favors at your wedding that your guests will actually use and enjoy. Small bars of soap, engraved drinking glasses, or even a funny (and very useful) hangover kit are all good ideas.

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