15 Must-Have Items for Your Holiday Wish List

‘Tis the season to be jolly – not jealous of all your friends who got the hottest new toys! We’ve compiled a list of our favorite electronics, clothes, accessories, and libations that would make perfect gifts for anyone on your list (or to stuff your own stocking with). Don’t be shy, for the holidays come but once a year!

1. Apple iPad Air ($499)

What weighs one pound and can probably fit in a gingerbread box? It’s Apple’s new iPad Air, and it’s lighter, thinner, and brighter than ever before. Compared to the iPad, the iPad Air’s performance has increased by 100%, and the battery life boosted to 10 luminescent and colorful hours. With the two internal antennae, you get 2x faster WiFi, to keep you connected longer and reliably. Coming in colors black or white, the iPad Air starts at $499.

2. Playstation 4

Playstation 4 is bringing out all the stops for this holiday season. The PS4 recommends content based on viewing and gaming history and preferences; it allows you to download and play a game at the same time; and you can add a second screen to your PS4 experience using your iPhone or Android device. All this comes at 8 GB of pure unified system memory speed for high-performance play. Just check out what Consumerist has to say about it.  

3. Roku 3

The Roku 3 is the smorgasbord to-go bag of home entertainment devices. It works with pretty much every HDTV, and with it you can stream over 1000 channels so you can watch all your movies, TV shows, sport events and more all in one place. If you find yourself gaming or movie-viewing up in the wee small hours of the morning, just plug in your headphones and continue on your merry way. The Roku 3 is 5x faster than its predecessor, comes in 1080p, boasts a longer wireless connection, and is Mac and Android compatible.  

4. Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS30

The Lumix ZS30 from Panasonic comes equipped with everything you need to capture your holiday memories, and then immediately send them out through your smartphone network. The coolest thing about this Lumix is that when you touch your smartphone to it, your device now becomes a remote control for the camera. Manipulate the creative settings, the 20x zoom, and high sensitivity sensor for the perfect shot right from your smart device. It’s mind-blowing.

5. The Cashmere Hat

Every winter wardrobe should have at least one cashmere hat – it’s just a classic. It’s warm for those cold days, but breathes when you’re indoors, and it’s about as soft as a blanket of newly fallen snow. The timeless cable pattern will fit right in with those similarly-fashioned fuzzy sweaters, and the simplicity of it gives off a quiet confidence.  

6. Nexus 5

The Nexus 5 Android smartphone is an absolute machine. It measures just 5”, but packs the punch of a whole mainframe, and at $350 you’re getting it for a steal. Access the internet at glass-shattering speeds with the Snapdragon 800 processor, and pull up movies and images in 1080p. Take stunning photos with operating system KitKat’s newest HDR+ mode, and make use of an impressive battery life to sustain you through your photo shoots. The Nexus 5 comes unlocked, so you can use it with almost any U.S. wireless carrier (except Verizon).

7. TouchScreen Gloves

You just got the new iPad Air or Nexus 5 as a present, and you’re so excited to use it everywhere you go. But you realize something: it’s bitter cold out, and if you take those gloves off, your hands will freeze. Touch Screen Gloves now come at the perfect thickness to maximize warmth, a tougher grip, and in one-size-fits-all for every member of the family.

8. FitBit Flex

After that holiday indulgence, your New Year’s Resolution list will most likely include a corrective diet and exercise plan. To do these right, you’re going to want to get yourself a FitBit Flex. It slips on your wrist like a watch, and clocks your steps, your total daily distance, the calories you incinerated while awake, and the quality and quantity of your sleep at night. It automatically syncs that information to your computer so you can see how you’re measuring up to your fitness goals. You’ll be in shape just in time for next year’s feast.  

9. Leopard Themed Heels

Don’t let that white wet snow fool you: leopard is in this winter. Whether print or authentic, that eye-catching and unmistakable pattern will cut right through the beautiful but monochromatic wintry wonderland. Make sure to cover that suede or leopardskin with some protector when you brave the cold.  

10. Leaf Universal Charger

You’re out ice-skating on a frozen pond. All around you is a wintry scene that looks like something out of a Currier and Ives painting, and you’ve got to capture it in a picture. But your phone has died. With the Leaf Universal Charger, you’ll never need to miss out on that picture, phone call, or song again. It’s compatible with all USB devices, so you just plug, charge, and get back to enjoying your outing.  

11. Tom Ford Beauty 4 Piece Lip Color Boxed Gift Set

There’s something about that name, so monosyllabic, yet so powerful: Tom Ford. Internationally renowned for his chic yet simplistic couture, Tom Ford introduced his beauty line with the same intentions. All that cheek-kissing during the holidays can run your lips ragged, so liven them up with the 4 Piece Lip Color Boxed Gift Set , in colors Spanish Pink, Crimson Noir, Nude Vanille, and Wild Ginger.

12. Google Chromecast

Google has done it again, this time with their new Chromecast. Plug this little device into your HDMI connector in your TV or monitor, and broadcast what you’re viewing in Chrome, on Netflix, Hulu+, Google Play, and YouTube to the big screen. Chromecast upgrades automatically to support a growing number of applications. At $35, it’s about the cheapest entertainment system next to a ball-and-paddle.

13. J Crew Handknit Fair Isle Sweater

The pattern is traditional, but the execution is distinctly modern. J. Crew has taken the Fair Isle style with its sylvan themes, a perfect fit for the holiday season, and made it urban-friendly. A soft and caressing blend of mohair and cashmere, this Italian hand-knit sweater will last you plenty of winters.

14. Leap Motion Controller

Heads-up: this little device is something out of the future. The Leap Motion Controller is about the size of a matchbox and sits on your computer desk while you use hand and finger gestures to browse the internet, manipulate digital objects on screen, draw, interact, game, and more all without touching your mouse. With the Leap Motion Controller, you’ll be a magician every time you sit down at your computer.

15. Johnnie Walker Gold

Fortify yourself against the cold, and your in-laws, with a little Dutch (or in this case, Scotch) courage. Johnnie Walker’s Gold Label was first distilled to celebrate the Walker house’s centennial anniversary in 1920. A well-guarded secret, the recipe brews a sweet, lush, and full-bodied whiskey that fills any glass with gentility, luxury, and auld lang syne. Always enjoy responsibly. 

By: Seth

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