15 Struggles All Girls With Glasses Know Too Well

Thankfully, these days pretty much everyone agrees that glasses can really improve your look. Everyone loves a girl in glasses! But, that doesn’t mean that wearing glasses doesn’t come with a struggle. Lots of struggles, in fact. If you wear glasses, you’re probably all too familiar with these day-to-day difficulties:

1. Rainy days


On rainy days you pretty much have two choices – rainy blur, or slightly sharper foggy blur. If only they made little windshield wipers for glasses...and if only it wouldn’t look so silly...

2. Trying to find your glasses.


Whether you just put them down in a different spot or they actually got lost, trying to find your glasses without your glasses on is pretty much your nightmare. Good luck and Godspeed.

3. Kissing


I mean it can be cute...but if your partner has glasses too, there could be some awkward maneuvering involved.

4. Working out


You don’t want to be running and lifting without your glasses on lest you somehow lose a limb...but at the same time they keep on slipping down your nose with your sweat! UGH.

5. Photos


You look cute in your glasses. You know you do. But, that glare. Cameras come out, and more often than not your instinct is to just take those glasses off. Sigh.

6. Group projects


Just because I wear glasses doesn’t mean I’m some super nerd who wants to do all the work for the whole project, OKAY?

7. Swimming


This is your dream. And maybe this is how you look when you swim. But there’s really no way for you to know, now is there?

8. Sunglasses


When it comes to sunglasses you’ve got a few choices and all of them are uncomfortable – wear sunglasses and not be able to see, forego sunglasses and be able to see (but kind of not because of the sun?), or throw down the cash to get prescription sunglasses. If you decide to go with option 3, you might be able to get a better deal than you expected at Glasses.com with a coupon.

9. Makeup


Makeup and glasses are a tough combination. It’s just not that simple. Try out some of our tips next time you decide to confront this particular struggle.

10. Shaving in the shower


Shaving is a precision task, requiring that you be able to see. You need your glasses to see. But if you try to wear them in or near the shower you can guarantee they’ll be all fogged up. Your choices are basically, either shave by echolocation and deal with the consequences, or shave after/before your shower. The struggle is real.

11. Going out


You want to go out, you want to dance, you want to get crazy – but you always have to be careful that those glasses don’t go flying off your face into the crowd, never to be seen again. Head-banging is pretty much out...

12. Paying for exams and new glasses…


Oh, just throw hundreds of dollars around every once in a while just to be able to see? GREAT. LOVE IT. Psst, next time you need new glasses, try using a coupon at Glasses.com to save a little bit of cash.

13. Choosing new frames


Choosing new frames isn’t like choosing a new pair of jeans. It’s more like choosing an entire new look. This can MAKE or BREAK your face! The stress is pretty overwhelming. If you're freaking out a little, try these tips  for picking the perfect frames to compliment your face.

14. Trying to relax


Want to put your head down on the desk? Haha, enjoy having your face stabbed with your glasses frames. Want to lay down sideways?Enjoy your glasses skewing right off your head and probably stabbing you in the ear, too.

15. Those tiny, tiny screws


If one of those little guys falls out and gets lost, God help you.

Hey, at least you look cute!


By: CouponPal

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