20 Delicious Ways to Use These 4 Fall Ingredients

When the temperature starts to drop and the darkness of the night arrives earlier and earlier each day, nothing sounds better than curling up with a hot bowl of…...hmmm. There so many options! That’s one of the best things about this time of year. A few key ingredients is all you need to put together a delicious, hearty meal that’ll warm your belly and your heart. And you can use these same ingredients in a variety of recipes. All of which you can make as rich or as diet-friendly as you’d like.


Onions add flavor to everything and they’re one of the cheaper veggies you can buy. They’re available year-round, but are harvested in late summer, early fall. 

1. Add them to a salad raw.

2. Pan-fry them and add them to stir fry.

3. Or to a spaghetti sauce.

4. Fold them into mashed potatoes.

5. Or toss them in the crock pot and enhance the flavor of beef stew.


Like onions, apples are available year-round. Unlike onions, apples are synonymous with fall. You get to go apple picking and use those apples to make:

6. Apple crisp

7. Apple pie

8. Apple brownies

9. Make your own caramel apples.

10. Bake them and add as a topping to pork.

11. Chop them and add to salads.

12. Add them to soups.

13. Or on sandwiches.


This earthy ingredient is another that’s available all year, but I think we can all agree that hot dishes are where mushrooms really shine. Fall is also the time of year when most kinds of mushrooms are in season.

14. Sauté and pair with roasted potatoes as a side dish.

15. Mix into a sauce and drizzled atop a beef or fish filet.

16. Stuff them and bake them.

17. Use them as a beef replacement on a burger.

18. Or add them as a burger topping.


A cold weather classic that’s harvested in New England and the Midwest, cranberries are really the key to unlocking the holiday season. The fresh, cooked, or dried version of this fruit are all great additions to side dishes, salads, and entrees.

19. This Turkey Cranberry Salad is a scrumptious preview of the food-filled months to come. eDiets has a full list of healthy recipes for the fall and holiday season.

They also offer meal plans and food delivery right to your door. So you can still enjoy all of the flavors the fall has to offer without even lifting a finger in the kitchen. Roasted Chicken Breast with Cranberry Walnut Rice and Caramelized Onions is just one of meals you can expect to receive at your doorstep. But don’t forget to use an eDiets coupon code when you sign up.

20. And don’t forget the jelly-like delight that is cranberry sauce.

Healthy and hearty eating should not have to come at a hefty price.

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