21 Money-Saving Coupon Memes & Videos That Will Make You LOL

There are some things that everyone can appreciate, like a good bargain or funny joke. These savings and coupon memes are SFW, and guaranteed to make any financially inclined person LOL.

As those old-fashioned Internet acronyms go, “AFAHMASP” (A Fool And His Money Are Soon Parted), and, “ABITHIWTITB” (A Bird In The Hand Is Worth Two In The Bush). So for all you savings “ACORN’s” (A Completely Obsessive Really Nutty-person) let’s take a look at some of the best coupon memes and videos. 

Bargain Shopping & Extreme Couponing Memes

1. Big Savings at Walmart: Quite possibly the best deal, ever.

2. Walmart Savings Ninja: This amusing commercial was part of Black Friday 2011.

3. Invisible Shopping Cart Meme: This cuddly kitty is a level 10 savings ninja with an invisible shopping cart.

4. The Coupon Kid: TLC featured this coupon-loving youth on the documentary “Extreme Couponing.” He’s really good at finding a bargain and ripe for a coupon meme!

5. Total savings baby: That awesome moment when you save a ton of money off your bill.

When Cute Animals Save Money

6. Dog does the budget: This funny saving money meme is what happens when you let the family dog do the budget.

7. Pigeon Steals Money: You never know what might happen, so be sure to put away a small amount each payday as a nest egg.

8. Struggling squirrel: This struggling squirrel should make a budget and start a savings plan.

9. Retirement squirrel: This thrifty retirement squirrel is a real savings ACORN. Maybe he’ll retire in a coconut tree.

10. Squirrel Revolt: This Sears commercial about a troupe of coupon clipping squirrels who have had enough with their domineering human overlords.

All the Cool Kids Are Doing It

11. Having stuff isn’t cool: This coupon meme proves that Justin Timberlake knows that saving for retirement is where it's at.

12. 99 blazers for the price of 1: Timberlake’s buddy Jay-Z is also into saving money.

13. Bill Gates Lamborghini Commercial Meme: This is how Bill Gates conserves cash for a new ride. Must be nice...

14. Brace yourselves: This entertaining Game of Thrones meme compares online deals to a harsh 10-year-long winter. Couponers might feel a bit different about this meme though...

15. Keep Calm: They have a Keep Calm meme for everything. This saving money meme shows that the British really do want to pay off their debt, too.

How to Save Cash & Live On a Budget

16. DIY iPhone Speakers: Do It Yourself projects and homemade gifts are an excellent means of managing your cash flow on special occasions.

17. Investment counseling funny money commercial: Watch out where you leave your cellphone, and your credit cards!

18. Funny bank commercial: You may not have as much money as you think.

19. Folgers instead of Starbucks lady: She could use a few couponing memes to get her in the right state of mind. Get off your high horse and start a budgeting plan, lady! 

20. How to live on a budget: Ready for a change? This helpful Howcast elaborates on how to begin budgeting.

21. Extreme budgeting (Drinking): This capricious video is a great example of what not to do if you want to get rich. (However, it will help you to become a successful wino.)

There you have it – our 21 favorite coupon memes. Let us know what we missed and tweet us your favorite money saving meme to @CouponPal with #couponmeme!

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