3 Big Moves by Toshiba Set To Shape The Future of Computing

Toshiba’s always been at the forefront of all things electronic and their recent advances show they aim to stay there. From pioneering and popularizing flat screen televisions, to making computers smaller, faster, and more powerful, Toshiba has always been about building for the future.

Here’s a list of three things they’re doing right now that will shape the computing landscape for years come:

1. 3D Flash Memory Chips

Toshiba recently broke ground on a factory that will manufacture a new type of memory chip that will provide much greater capacity at a lower cost for devices such as cameras, smartphones and tablets. These “3D” chips are widely seen as being the next big step in the ability to expand data storage. They achieve this by stacking memory cells in layers to fit inside flash memory cards. The upper limit right now for storage on a smartphone is about 64 GB, but these new chips could increase that by a factor of 6.

2. Micro Hard Drives

Super-thin notebooks need super-thin hard drives, and Toshiba has unveiled its latest, measuring just 2.5 inches square by 7mm thick. They will come in 320 GB and 500 GB varieties that also increase data transfer rates over what is currently available.

So, what does Toshiba plan to do with these new compact hard drives? Well, put them in their...

3. Ultra Thin Ultrabooks

Thin just got way thin with Toshiba’s new line of Satellite E series of laptops. They come with the latest processors from Intel and AMD, and the E45t model initially will only be sold through Best Buy and Toshiba Direct. The 15.6-inch Satellite E Series will be available at other major retailers and ToshibaDirect.com in the near future. Both models feature touchscreens, voice controls, HDMI, Ethernet, SD Card slots, two USB 3.0 ports, Wi-Fi8, and stereo speakers with DTS Studio Sound optimized for music and movies.

Coming in at less than an inch thick, don’t let their ultrathin physique fool you – they are very rugged. Want to see how rugged? Check out this video where it shows off its metal. Be aware that it’s humorous in nature and was created to make you want to buy one.

A little touch of “Mythbusters” going on there, huh? Minus the pyro, of course. If you would like to find out more about these products, hit up the Toshiba site. There are plenty of discounts available for these and other things Toshiba right here. What will Toshiba come out with next? Who knows, but cross your fingers for an anti-gravity chip. I’m not sure what it would be used for, but I’m sure someone will think of something.

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By: Peter

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