3 Easy Ways to Get Lush Lashes

If eyes are the window to the soul, your eyelashes must be pretty important. They’re pretty much the key to looking fabulous (without having to cake on tons of makeup). In fact, women have always been obsessed with highlighting their lashes – the use of mascara was first documented back in ancient Egyptian times. If Cleopatra rocked it, you know it must be hot.

Unfortunately, not all of us were blessed with long, full lashes. Luckily, new eyelash-enhancing products are constantly hitting the market – each one more improved than the last. Here are three super easy ways to effectively get lusher lashes.

1. Use a volumizing mascara.

The simplest way to get fuller lashes is to apply a mascara that offers volume without giving you clumps. Urban Decay Lush Lash Mascara not only provides thickening and lengthening agents, but it also includes a growth accelerating serum. That means the formula actually works to help your lashes grow longer and fuller every time you use it. If $20 seems like too much to spend on mascara, use a Sephora coupon code for extra savings. You can also save some cash by trying Maybelline Volum’Express Colossal Waterproof Mascara for less than $7 at Ulta or your local drugstore.

2. Try an eyelash serum.

If you’re looking for a long term solution for sparse eyelashes, try an eyelash serum like the one from LiLash. You apply the serum once a day by simply brushing the applicator along your upper eyelid. The product works to fortify and condition the lash follicles, resulting in fuller, stronger lashes. LiLash can be a tad expensive, but it’s worth it for the long-lasting results. You can also lower the price by using a LiLash coupon code.

3. Rock some falsies.

There’s no shame in getting a little extra help with your lashes. If you find mascara just isn’t doing the trick when you’re wanting a more glamourous look, apply some false eyelashes. The Sephora Collection False Eye Lashes are perfect for date night or going to a party. Another inexpensive option is the e.l.f. Studio VIP Eyelash Kit. The kit only costs $3, and by using an e.l.f. Cosmetics coupon code, you’ll feel like you’re barely paying anything for gorgeous lashes.

Stop spending time pining for fuller eyelashes, and try out one of these methods. Cleopatra would be proud.

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