3 Great Reasons To Be Your Own Valentine

So many people seem to think that not having a “special someone” to share Valentine’s Day with means that you have to be miserable on February 14th. I think it’s kind of silly that we would let a simple calendar day make us feel bad about ourselves. Why not be your own valentine? We could all use a little more self-love, and there’s no better day for it than Valentine’s Day. Here’s why it really makes sense to make V-Day all about you.

1. Treat. Yo. Self.

Other than the fact that loving yourself is a great idea in general, this is the biggest perk of being your own valentine. What are some little things you always want to do for yourself, but never seem to be able to justify? Now’s the time to do them. If you ask me, I’ll get myself some goat cheese. I know it sounds weird, but I love goat cheese so much, and it’s so expensive that I usually can’t justify buying it. But hey, today, I’m worth it.

So, give yourself a spa day. Do your favorite yoga poses that make you feel beautiful. Get yourself a deal on a cute piece of jewelry or clothing you’ve been eyeing lately. Order in your favorite kind of food. Put on the movie you’ve been wanting to watch but haven’t had time for. The best part of all of this is that there is no guesswork involved – you know exactly which Valentine’s gift is perfect for you, so there’s no way you can be disappointed.

2. All the chocolate you want, no judgement.

If your man thoughtfully brings you chocolate on Valentine’s Day, great! You’ll probably delicately open a piece and nibble it with great enjoyment. But what you’d really rather be doing is chowing down on those delightful morsels as if you hadn’t eaten for a week.

One serious upside to being your own valentine is, you can gift yourself as much chocolate as you want (and the kinds you really like, too – forget those disgusting caramel ones, and bring on the dark chocolate ganache), and eat as much of it as you want, without fear of scaring your S.O. with your gnarly animalistic chocolate-devouring. After all, research says chocolate has some real health benefits. All you’re doing is taking care of yourself.

3. One Word: Sweatpants

I don’t feel like I need to even say much about this. Going out for a fancy dinner date is nice and everything, but come on, wouldn’t we all rather be on the couch in our favorite sweatpants? Being your own valentine means wearing and doing whatever makes you feel happy and good. And I don’t care how “comfortable” you say your heels are, I can assure you sweats would be comfier.

Bonus points if you wear a Snuggie!

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