3 Guitars (In Honor of Jazz Appreciation Month)

April is Jazz Appreciation Month, with festivals and events celebrating jazz as an original American art form all across the nation. We thought this would be a perfect time to stop by Guitar Center to check out three of the most popular guitars that help make jazz what it is. If you end up buying one, use a coupon code. Of course, choosing a guitar is largely a matter of taste, but you can’t go wrong with any of these.

1. The Gibson ES-175: This one is both the most pricey and most well-known jazz guitar on the list, but consider you don’t become legendary without good reason. It’s a classic jazz archtop known for its warm sound and playability. 2 humbucker pickups, maple body, rosewood fretboard. Wes Montgomery played one of these before switching to the Gibson L-5.

2. The Ibanez PM-120: Pat Methany’s signature model Ibanez is a great value for the quality of the axe you’re getting in return. It’s ebony fretboard provides a smooth, rich tone and its thin body makes it a little more player-friendly than some other archtops. Like the Gibson, it has 2 humbuckers. This one’s seemed to work out well for Methany, right? It’ll probably treat you well, too.

3. The Fender Telecaster: Yeah, yeah, the Tele isn’t traditionally know for being a jazz guitar but has been growing in popularity with many jazz players in recent years. It’s a semi-hollow body, comes with dual humbuckers, only one f-hole, and is both durable and versatile. Its biggest advantage is price – possibly the best guitar for the money that you’ll ever find. Maybe you should pick one up before Fender figures out they could charge twice what do for this and they’d still fly out the door. Bill Frisell plays one, and he’s pretty good.

If you’ve been wanting to buy a guitar either for yourself or someone you love (and trust us – give someone a guitar as a gift and they are going to love you back), why wait? Guitar Center’s going to beat any price you find anywhere else, so do it. Get out of the house and go try out these guitars. Celebrate Jazz Appreciation month in the best way possible: by playing some jazz!

By: Peter

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