3 VSP Commercials That Give Us A Look Into The Future

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If you get your vision insurance through VSP Direct, then VSP is already helping you see better every day (and if you don’t have vision insurance, get on it!). But did you know they can also help you see a little bit into the future? No, it’s not a special new lens treatment – just old fashioned advertising. These three VSP commercials give us a glimpse of what the future might look like, and it it’s looking pretty good.

Project Genesis

This VSP commercial shows how VSP Global is taking the next step in wearable technology. Hearing the term “wearable technology,” you might wonder what that could be and who in the world is using it. But in fact, you probably see these gadgets every day. Heart rate monitors, smart watches, and devices like the Jawbone UP or Garmin Vivofit are all examples of wearable tech.

What makes the Genesis project a step ahead of the kinds of wearable tech that we’re all used to is that it integrates health tracking technology in a device that many people use every single day without even thinking about it: their eyeglasses. A small chip is embedded in the temple of of the glasses, which is able to gather information about the wearer. With this innovation, instead of having to remember to put on an extra device in the morning if you want to track your health, you’ll only have to remember to wear your glasses.

Prototypes of the glasses containing Project Genesis technology are currently being tested by 26 VSP employees. The prototypes carry Genesis technology seamlessly integrated into the frames of Dragon Alliance glasses. Testers are giving feedback to the engineers in The SHOP, who will then be able to improve the hardware and software of the device.

The Genesis project is another step toward bringing healthcare technology into the hands of users themselves. When glasses containing this technology are available on the market, people will be able to track their health more easily than ever, without having to buy or wear extra devices. With this technology, users can start to notice trends in their health habits and use the information to make positive changes in their lifestyle.

The goal of the project is just that – to give users the information they need and empower them to take charge of their own health.

Nike Vision

When it comes to athletics, Nike is one of the biggest players on the field. Athletes all around the world trust Nike for their apparel, gear, and shoes. There is one factor that impacts athletic performance across the board, no matter the sport – vision. An athlete simply needs to be able to see, and that’s where VSP and Nike Vision come into play.

Nike Vision has been dedicated to designing eyewear for elite athletes for the past 12 years, and they continue innovating. As you can see in this Nike Vision video about research and development, they’re using emerging technologies like 3D printing and imaging to develop new eyewear that’s more streamlined than ever for top-level athletes.

One critical factor in athletic eyewear is the fit. As Phil Sibbet says in the video, “A millimeter is a mile.” Nike Vision is working to create a future where athletic eyewear has greater adjustability for a perfect fit, so that athletes can stop thinking about their eyewear and keep their heads in the game.

We See

We all know a story or two about a kid who was doing poorly in school, and no one knew why until one day suddenly someone realized it was because she couldn’t see. Then she got glasses, her performance improved, and the story ended happily.

Unfortunately, as you can see in this VSP commercial, the story doesn’t end happily for all children. Many children all around the world are in need of glasses but don’t have access to eye care.

VSP Global is working to change that with their We See project in South Africa. This child eye health project aims to provide eye health services to 30,000 children in Soweto, South Africa between 2014 and 2017. The goal of this project is to reduce vision impairment among school-age children in the community by a whopping 90%. This initiative provides children with free eye exams, eye care, and eyewear donated by Nike Vision.

Basic health necessities like vision care should be accessible by everyone. Children shouldn’t have to fall behind in school or miss out on sports because of poor vision. VSP Global’s We See project is helping build a future where both of these ideals become a reality.

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