3 Ways to Save Time in the Kitchen By Being Lazy

Want a little extra time in your life? Tired of high-effort, low-return hacks to speed your life? Here are 3 ways you can save time in the kitchen without lifting a finger.

1) Stop Doing Dishes

Stop using and washing new dishes every time you eat and drink. Something as simple as reusing the same glass to drink out of throughout the day will save time on clean up. Not to mention the time you can save by letting used dishes pile up instead of cleaning them.

Doing small batches after every meal is less efficient. If you can take the mess – let dirty dishes pile up so you can wash all of them at one time. Instead of scrubbing your dishes after every meal, put them where they can soak in soapy water until there are enough to do later. That way they’ll be easier when you get to them, as well. Bonus points if you put them in an order that speeds up the washing!

But seriously, when you do get around to washing them, don’t bother putting them away. You’re just going to get them right out again...

2) “Set It and Forget It”

Stop wasting so much time cooking. Instead of stirring your stove-top rice, you could go for a jog or read a book. Invest in a coffee maker, rice cooker, pressure cooker, and baking pan and learn to make meals that you can prepare and leave (mostly) unattended while cooking. There’s no sense pan frying a recipe you can toss in the oven and free up 45 precious minutes in your day while it bakes. Say goodbye to paying attention and hello to extra free time.

If you are cooking – double the recipe. The more food you make now, the less you have to cook later.

3) Did Someone Order Delivery?

Maybe cooking just isn’t for you, at all? Shopping is a waste time anyway, right? Time to call in for a pizza and save that cooking time, too? Wrong. You’ll waste time looking for a menu, ordering food, and waiting anxiously for food to show up. You’re doing delivery all wrong.

Save time by signing up for a delivery meal plan and have food ready when you want it. Companies like Magic Kitchen make it easy to order healthy, frozen food online. You can stock up your freezer with gourmet meals that are ready-to-eat. All you have to do is toss it in the microwave when you’re hungry.

Sure, there are other ways to save time in the kitchen. But, they take time, energy, and planning. Save time and energy with our lazy strategies before you attempt to hack your day.

By: CouponPal

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