4 Affordable & Thoughtful Gift Ideas For New Parents

Do you have some friends who have recently welcomed a tiny new member into their family? You’re probably overwhelmed by the sheer amount of adorable gifts for new parents that are available for you to give them and their little one. To narrow down the selection, here are some of our favorite gift ideas for new parents, with some savings thrown in to sweeten the deal:

A Personalized Book


Giving a personalized gift always makes it feel that much more heartfelt for the recipient. ISeeMe.com lets you orders storybooks, stickers, coloring books, puzzles, and more, all personalized with a child’s name. Giving a personalized storybook with the name of your friends’ new baby will warm their hearts, and in time, their child will be able to read about their very own adventures. Right now, you can use a coupon code when you order your personalized gift and get 15% off.

A Gift Basket That Has It All

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Can’t decide what to give? Then let the pros decide for you. Munchkin.com has everything Baby needs, from the top of his head to the tips of his toes. For stumped gift-givers like you, they also have awesome gift baskets packed with a variety of new baby essentials. If you go with a gift basket, not only can you be sure your friends will get a wide variety of goodies they probably have been hoping for, but you can also save up to $65 off the regular price – plus you’ll get free shipping if you order one for $50 or more.

A Professional Home Cleaning


With a new baby to take care of in the house, some household chores are bound to fall by the wayside. After all, when you’re already sleep-deprived, who wants to scrub the bathroom? A professional home cleaning is the perfect gift for tired new parents. At Handy.com, you can use a coupon to get a 3 hour home cleaning for your friends for just $45. All you have to do is specify a time and address, pay online, and then a professional will arrive at their house to do the rest. (And you should probably let your friends know that someone is coming to clean their home, lest they be surprised…)

A Cuddly New Wardrobe For Winter

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One of the best things about giving baby gifts is all the tiny adorable clothes! And since winter is here, you want to make sure your friends little bundle of joy is as bundled up as possible. Carter’s gift sets are just the thing, packed with onesies, snuggly pajamas, cozy hats, and booties to keep those little piggies warm. You can mix and match to create a personal gift set, and you’ll save up to 40% off regular prices.

Any of these gift ideas for new parents (perhaps along with a homecooked meal!) is sure to be appreciated.


By: CouponPal

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