4 Big Reasons to Shop at MacMall Instead of the Apple Store

A Mac is a Mac is Mac. There’s nothing special about a Mac purchased from the Apple Store. MacMall is an Authorized Apple Reseller. You’ll get the same computer with the same warranty buying from MacMall as you would from Apple. But there are advantages to shopping at MacMall that you won’t find at that other place. Namely...


We couldn’t find one computer at MacMall that sold for less at Apple. None. MacMall beats Apple’s prices every time. For instance, a MacBook Pro from MacMall was $1849. Apple, $2,099. That’s a big difference. (If you’re wondering, you can customize and configure your computer at MacMall the same way you can you at Apple.) This price difference holds true for other Apple products like iPhones and iPads, as well. Plus, if you do find a lower price on a Mac from another Authorized Apple Reseller, MacMall will beat it.


MacMall always has special deals and bundles going on, like getting free stuff such as extra hardware or software with your Mac purchase. Plus, you can use MacMall coupons at McMall for additional savings. They also have tons of rebate offers on many of their other products you may be shopping for. Which brings us to the next reason to choose MacMall over the Apple Store.


MacMall carries all the peripherals, accessories and everything else Apple related at unbeatable prices. What’s more, they also carry consumer electronics, TV’s, digital cameras, camcorders, memory, printers, software, and much more. Meaning, you can do all your shopping at one place. Why would you buy a printer at the Apple store?


We’re huge Mac fans and always have been but when it comes to support, get real. Apple is not good at it. At all. Ever. Sad but true. Great products that we’ll keep buying, but when a problem arises, you’re on your own. MacMall has pre- and post-sale support with real people on the other end of the phone. For free. Apple? No way.

If you’re buying for your business, MacMall is definitely the way to go. From ”Mom & Pop” shops to huge corporations, they treat their business clients right. They offer dedicated business account executives, volume pricing, software licensing, imaging & replication, asset tagging, and leasing options.

Finally, here’s a chart grabbed from the MacMall site that compares what they do to what Apple does.

A chart speaks a thousand words, huh? So there you have it. Get everything you want at MacMall in one place at one time at great prices. Happy computing to you.

By: Peter

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