4 Bold Trends That’ll Bust You Out of Your Beauty Rut

We’ve all been there. You find a style that’s relatively easy to maintain, so you stick with it. Your life is simply too hectic to attempt a completely new look every morning. But then you start to get bored. Sure, you’ve found a look that’s quick and easy, but you get sick of the same ol’ hairstyle, the same ol’ makeup, the same ol’ everything. You need a change. Something to give you a fresh start.

Whether it’s a beauty rut or a life rut, when people reach this mental state, sometimes a dramatic change is the only way to go. I get it. You’re already on one end of the spectrum, so you’re convinced that the fastest way to reach the opposite side is through a big change. Some chop their hair off. Some go from the fresh-faced makeup look to bold hues and smoky eyes. And don’t believe anyone who says, “this look isn’t for everyone.” Or, “only certain people can pull off this style.” That’s bulls***.

Anyone can pull off any look. All it takes is the right amount of confidence. Think about it. Before Johnny Depp started dressing like a homeless pirate, do you think he was concerned about being able to pull that look off? No. He just went and rocked it. Could anyone picture Beyonce with a pixie cut before she chopped off that beautiful mane? I realize she’s the queen of everything and all, but still, I doubt it.

Here are four beauty trends that are bold enough to shake up your routine, but not so dramatic that you’ll immediately panic with regret if you find yourself unhappy with the result. Go on and give ‘em a try.

1. Hair Chalk

Hair chalk is probably the boldest hair move you can make that can easily be undone. If you don’t like the way you colorful strands look, you can just wash them out. Problem solved. And unlike the typical expensive salon appointment, you can apply hair chalk yourself for a budget-friendly price! Sally Beauty has an excellent hair chalk kit, (along with any other beauty product you could ever need). Just pair it with a Sally Beauty coupon code, and save big.

2. Nail Art

Who knew the latest canvas in the art scene would be fingernails? Nail art is everywhere right now and even if you aren’t a gifted artist, creatively designing your nails is a wonderful way to express yourself. You can go as subtle or as outrageous as you’d like, and you can start from scratch with just the swipe of nail polish remover on a cotton ball.

3. Colored Mascara

A beauty rut that I’m currently in is with my eye makeup. For the life of me, I cannot figure out how to play up my eyes using eye shadow. Using different colors and fading them into each other on my eyelids? Yeah, I have tried and failed one too many times. Because of this lack of success, I’ve used the same combination of black mascara and black eyeliner for YEARS.

Luckily, I don’t have to master this skill just yet. Colored mascara made a big splash this year on the runways, and it’s now available by some of your favorite beauty brands. It’s a great and simple way to make your eyes pop and add some drama to your overall look.

4. Red Lips

Crimson lips aren’t a new trend, but it’s almost a trend that seems new because most people are afraid to try it. I’m not sure there’s anyone that can rock this look quite like Gwen Stefani, but it’s so classic that more of us should really be trying it. The big fear here is looking like a clown/hooker hybrid. Really, I think it’s just allowing the red lips to be the stand alone bold feature (meaning: don’t go too bold with the eyes if you’re going with red lips), and to make sure your hair and outfit are polished.

And there you have it. Breathe some life into beauty routine by adding a bold new twist. Consider your rut – busted.

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