4 Fun Ideas For Wall Art From Fab

The stylists at Fab are always on the look out for the next great thing in furniture, home, art, vintage, jewelry, fashion for women and men, pets, food, and fun. If you have ever wondered where people buy art, they have ready-to-hang prints, wall decals, reproductions, photography, frames, and mix media. There is even fine art from famous artists available for sale at Fab for much less than you would expect. Checking their website for new art events is a great way to get inspiration for decorating your own space. And don't forget to look for a Fab coupon code.

1. An Original Andy Warhol Print

If you really want to impress your friends and loved ones, then roll out an original Andy Warhol. For a limited time they are available in prices ranging from $125 for a movie poster of Walter Steding Dancing In Heaven, to $4500 for for a Lincoln Center Ticket from 1967. (Pictured: Brillo 1970 by Andy Warhol, $2200)

2. Pet Prints For Animal Lovers

Most of the pet prints at Fab are a bargain for art for under $20, and they serve as a daily reminder of how cute dogs and cats are. The selection of artists have really captured the personality in each breed with vivid detail, Interesting patterns, and bright colors. (Pictured: The Thoughtful Pitbull by Dean Russo, $18)

3. Vintage Scientific Illustrations

Scientific illustrations such as these were originally published in textbooks before they developed photography. As such they are an extremely precise replication of the species in each picture. The fascinating curiosities are ideal for livening up a book shelf. (Pictured: Anatomy Wound Print, $25)

4. Feast Your Eyes On These

Foodies will adore a delicious looking print of their favorite ingredients, especially if it is hanging in their kitchen. If you cannot remember the names of tomatoes or herbs for the life of you then maybe one of these Greenmarket Posters will put some pep in your step. (Pictured: Greenmarket Tomato Poster $15-$25)

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