4 Life Events That Should Always be Captured on Film

Every person on this planet has a story to tell. They have endured pain, they know love, they’ve achieved some level of success, and they’ve learned something. Some form of wisdom that can be passed on to someone else. This is why we need to capture more of our lives on film. Even a child, who hasn’t really “lived” yet has probably gone through this cycle to some extent.

And in your own mind, maybe you downplay these moments. You think they aren’t as vital to the grand scheme of things as they actually are. But that’s just not true. Every life event, every decision, takes you into the next. Of course, there are moments in life that are undisputedly important to capture. There’s birth, first steps, prom, graduation, engagement, marriage, babies, and then you end up back at the beginning. But here are four more that shape your growth and your life that you might also want to consider.

1. First Achievement - Academic or Physical

The first time someone achieves success by using just their brain or their body, it’s an incredible emotional experience. It inspires higher standards to be set. And we need everyone walking this earth to continue reaching higher. It’s for the greater good, really. At the end of your life, it’d be pretty wonderful to be able to look back and revisit that first time you set a goal and reached it.

2. First (and Hopefully Last) Rock Bottom

On the flipside, it’s also important to capture the darkest times life has thrown at you. Whether it’s your first break up, the first time you got fired, a period of depression, loss, extreme stress – all of these times are hard to face, but they’re all teachable moments.

A perfect example of this is on "The Biggest Loser." This weight loss competition show brings contestants to a ranch, gets them in shape, teaches them about nutrition and their inner demons, and they compete for a cash prize. A few episodes before the finale, when most of them have lost a significant amount of weight, the remaining contestants are shown their audition tapes. They get to see themselves at their lowest point in life. All of them have the same reaction. They are horrified that they were ever in such a dark place, but are grateful to be where they are today. And they all vow never to go back there.

Seeing yourself during your darkest days will give you a new perspective. Even more so when it becomes the past.

3. First Apartment

The real world can be a rough and scary place, especially when you’re first starting out as an adult. You finally have a full time job, health benefits, and YAY, you also get to pay rent. No matter what kind of home you end up in, the first place you can call your own will always hold a special place in your heart. Cracks, hideous carpet, bland paint jobs in all.

4. Other Adult ‘Firsts’

The more we age, the more attached we grow to regular routines. We get set in our ways and ‘new’ experiences can be intimidating. That's why it’s important to capture these moments in adulthood. Anytime you try something new, whether it be a new fitness activity, taking a class, or traveling to a new place, your wide-eyed inner child comes out and everything is exciting. The older we get, the rarer these moments become.

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