4 Ways Your Life Just Got Easier

Life is full of little inconveniences. Sometimes they’re barely noticeable, but sometimes just a little annoyance can cast a gloom over your whole day. Luckily, someone at Haband company has thought of ways to solve some of our worst pet peeves. These four finds will just make your life easier, it’s as simple as that.

Retractable Gate

As a dog owner myself, I know a thing or two about “baby gates.” For a while, I tried to use one to keep the dog from going upstairs. Not only did this not deter her from exploring the upstairs, it was an annoyance to me as well. It was difficult to adjust to fit my hallway, and it was a pain to open and close every time I needed to go up or down the stairs. Haband solves the problem of annoying baby gates with this retractable gate that easily adjusts to fit stairways, doorways, and hallways. Now my dog will no longer be able to ruin the upstairs carpet!


Nowadays, everybody has a computer, a phone, and an ipod to plug in, not to mention hair dryers, floor lamps, TVs, and coffee makers. With so many gadgets all in search of a power source, outlets get crowded. Sometimes you have to choose – charge your phone or make coffee? Charge your computer or keep the lamp on? Even traditional power strips sometimes don’t solve the problem, because some plugs (like computer chargers) are bulky and take up space on the power strip. The problem is completely solved with this outlet multiplier from Haband, which has outlets facing all directions to maximize space usage.


Having a zipper break can really put me in a bad mood. Now my bag is worthless! I can’t count how many times I’ve simply resorted to buying a new backpack or jacket when the zipper breaks on one. Not only is this inefficient, it’s a waste of money. The Fix-a-Zipper kit from Haband can bring new life to backpacks, jackets, and suitcases that suffer from broken zippers. You just have to snap the new zipper into place, and it will work just like the old one. You can save money this way not only by not having to buy new things, but also by using a promo code to get a discount on the zipper fixer.

Thumb Lite

Some situations in life just always have you fumbling. One of those is trying to unlock your door in the dark. It’s nearly impossible to find the slot for the key when it’s dark, and not only that, using the key to look for it leaves scratches all over your doorknob. To solve this problem and others (like searching through your purse or walking the dog at night), Haband has created the Thumb Lite. This tiny light can be attached to just about anything, including your keys. The water-resistant light turns on with the touch of a button.

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