5 Adorable Fall Fashion Essentials for Babies

If you recently had a baby, you aren’t quite in ‘back-to-school’ mode yet. That’s still a few years away. But that doesn’t mean your little one can’t look fly in his / her stroller while you guys are out and about! Summer has come to a close and the weather is about to get chilly. Your baby needs some warmer clothing options just like you.

Giggle.com has a great selection of snuggle-inducing outfits that are perfect for the colder days approaching. And while you’re filling up your cart, because I know you won’t be able to resist, make sure you add a Giggle promo code for hot savings on this cool apparel.

1.Yak Knit Hoodie

Animals on sweaters is the new thing. Not only will this cozy hoodie make your baby look cool, it makes yaks everywhere look cool. And yaks have needed re-branding help for ages.

2. Cuddle Me Infant Bodysuit

Why don’t they sell these in adult sizes? If you buy this for your baby, please know that I’ll be sitting here, in my boring grown up pajamas, seething with jealousy.

3. Tea Tiger Graphic Romper

Lightweight, soft, and casual, this romper is perfect for when you and the baby are relaxing at home. It should also work well if you decide to leave the house on those summer / fall transition days, when it’s still a little warm out.

4. Tea City Stripe Sweater Tunic

For the little Carrie Bradshaw in the making, this darling tunic is comfortable and perfect for your baby girl. Made of knit cotton with a colorblock design, it would be an ideal outfit match for some booties or tiny mary janes.

5. Faux Shearling Booties

These booties make me long for the cold weather ahead. Not because I enjoy the cold, but just so I can see them on the precious feet of fashionistas in training. Is there anything cuter in this world than baby shoes modeled after trendy adult shoes? The answer is no.

And don’t just think about apparel when covering your baby up this fall. If you plan to be out of the house for a while and it’s nippy out, make sure you’re bringing some gloves and a hat along as well. If it’s sunny out, make sure you still have some sunscreen. The sun might not be as strong as it was in the summer, but that doesn’t mean it won’t hit your baby’s ultra sensitive skin when exposed.

Now that you’re both all bundled up, head outside and enjoy the day! Pumpkin and cinnamon-flavored lattes are probably back at your local coffee house, so maybe make that your first stop.

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