5 A-List Celebrities Who Colon Cleanse

Celebrities have been known to colon cleanse using methods like those sold at Blessed Herbs, because it can be an effective way to lose weight fast. Colonic proponents argue that the large intestine may be holding 10-25 pounds of unwanted fecal matter at one time. That is more weight than three unborn triplets. Detoxers suggest that eliminating these 'toxins' from the body also helps to eliminate cravings for junk food, improve sleep quality, absorb more nutrients, improve brain function, improve skin appearance, and lose weight.

Hollywood superstars have been using colon cleanses to drop LB's at short notice for years. Using research techniques, we have determined five A-list women who have publicly come out in favor of colon cleansing over recent years.

1. Gweneth Paltrow - This blonde movie star even has her own line of organic colon cleanses.

2. Beyonce - The Huffington Post reveals that Beyonce is a huge fan of colon cleansing.

3. Kim Kardashian - We all know from her show that Kim loves to try new spa treatments.

4. Liv Tyler - Her dad is a rock star, her mom is a model, and she cleans her colon all the time.

5. Pam Anderson - At this point it is not really a surprise that Anderson tried colon hydrotherapy.

Whether you choose from an intensive series of treatments in Palm Springs or less costly at home cleansing kit, a colon cleanse is an intensive way to purify the mind, body, and soul. Check out these Blessed Herbs coupon codes for more information, including how you can get a free colon cleansing kit!

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