5 Basic Hotel Amenities That’ll Make You Feel Extraordinary

Staying in a hotel is just plain fun. The mattress might not be as comfortable as the one you have at home, and you don’t have easy access to everything you own, but it’s fun because it’s different. Even the act of unpacking a suitcase and putting your belongings in an unfamiliar, empty dresser is a treat. You’re in a new place and you’re on sensory overload. You feel the need to check the closets and all of the drawers. They’re most likely empty, as they should be if the housekeepers are doing their job, but you still check to see if the traveler before you left something cool behind. Or if there are free goodies tucked away that the hotel didn’t tell you about. Because amenities are really the key to enjoying a hotel stay, am I right?

When I go to book a hotel, I check the distance to whatever it is I’m doing in the area, and then I go straight for the amenities. If I’m paying for a room, I suppose I expect to be pampered. Even if it’s just with endless fresh towels and an all-you-can-eat continental breakfast. Staying in hotels can be pricey, and typically, the nicer the amenities, the pricier your stay will be. Luckily, Hotels.com makes it easy to find hotels with exceptional amenities for rates that won’t butcher your budget. Pair that with a Hotel.com discount code and you’ll be kicking back in your complimentary spa slippers with a minibar cocktail in hand. Because hey, you just saved a ton of money and you CAN dip into the mini bar.

The simple pleasures of hotel amenities don’t need to come from anything extravagant. Here are 5 basic amenities that’ll melt away your stress and make you feel like royalty.

1. Bathrobes

They get washed and reused by a building full of guests, but is that what you’re thinking about when you open up the closet and see it neatly tied and practically glowing on its hanger? No. If you’re anything like me, you’re pulling it on over your clothes as quickly as possible and frolicking around the room. And how do they get them so soft? My towels are never that soft, even when they’re new. Bathrobes are amazing.

2. Check-In Cookies

Some hotels offer fresh baked cookies for guests checking in during the afternoon or evening. They know you’ve probably been traveling a while, and offering a warm sweet treat the moment you arrive makes you forget the stress of being on the road.

3. Bonus Toiletries

When you walk into your hotel bathroom, you expect to see a bar of soap, bottles of shampoo and conditioner, and maybe a mini sewing kit. That’s the basic toiletry package. So when a hotel decides to take that extra step and offer you products beyond that, you immediately feel taken care of. Even a small bottle of mouthwash, or a bonus toothbrush (probably the most forgotten travel item in existence), wouldn’t be a monumental added cost to the hotel, and would be enough for you to remember them later for future travel or recommendations to friends.

4. Pet Accommodations

Does anyone else suffer from separation anxiety? My dog has it, and so do I. I hate being away from him and I’m sure he’s not a fan of it either. In fact I know he isn’t, since the few times I have traveled without him, I’ve come home to a neurotic mess covered in self-inflicted chew-wounds. 

When a hotel offers pet accommodations, it does wonders for the peace of mind of dog owners like myself who don’t want to leave our four-legged sidekicks behind. People with allergies should always inquire about hotels with sections of rooms that are pet friendly. The rooms get cleaned thoroughly after your stay anyway, but those sensitive to fur or pet dander should be aware of this in case traces of it are left behind.

5. Direct Line to Room Service

It’s late. You’re hungry. You don’t want to leave the hotel to find something to nosh. Call down to room service. Your room number will flash across their screen before they answer. Oh, and when they know your name based on the guest roster and answer the phone with a personalized greeting? “Good evening, Ms. Hardy. What can we make for you this evening?” I have never felt more like Batman in my life. “How’s it going, Alfred? I’m famished. Can I get a grilled cheese and fries? Thanks a million.”

See, guys? It’s the little things. Every hotel you stay in should make you feel like Batman. Remember that.

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