5 Beauty Products to Add to Halloween Costumes

Even if you have decided what to be for Halloween, getting the costume is only half the battle. It takes the right combination of costume, attitude, and beauty products to make people believe you are a kitty or a witch. There are not a lot of opportunities to wear most of this stuff, outside of Halloween or possibly reality TV. So you better take advantage of it while you can. We found all 5 of these items online at Sally Beauty for less than $25 total. However, we can save even more off that price by checking for a coupon code.

1. Temporary Hair Color

When you dye your hair a wacky color for All Hallows Eve, there is at least a 50% chance you don’t want it to stay that way. Temporary hair color is a fun way to experiment with unusual shades for your hair. This Manic Panic Dye Hard Hair Color Styling Gel in Vampire Red seems appropriate. Depending on your theme you may prefer Electric Banana, Electric Lizard, Electric Lava, Electric Sky, Electric Flamingo, Virgin, Stiletto, Raven, or Glam Gold. ($6.99/1.6600 fl oz)

2. Hair Extensions

Brightly hued hair extensions are another way to add color to your locks, as well as length. These Glitzy Tinsel Hair Extensions in Yellow, Red, and Orange are embellished with sparkles. The vivid tones and eye catching glitter will stand out brightly in your hair. If you need a different color scheme, it also comes in Pink/Purple/Teal, Fuchsia/Turquoise/Purple, Silver/Gold/Dark Metallic, Red/Blue/Green, Black, Grey/Silver, Blue/White/Silver, Dark Red/Silver/Black, Clear Beads, and Multicolor Beads. ($3.99/unit)

3. Colorful Lipstick

For whatever reason, most of us stick to traditional lipstick hues in reds, berries, nudes, pinks, and purples. Halloween is a chance to experiment with an unusual shade of lipstick that only the goth kids would wear any other day. Robanda Mood Lips is designed to suit your costume and your mood in 5 different shades of Blue, Brown, Green, Purple, and even Red. Zombies would look great with blue, green, or purple lips. ($3.49/tube)

4. Nail Jewelry

It's the little things that count, like your manicure and how many bedazzles are on your nails this Halloween. Little sticky sequins shaped like hearts, butterflies, flowers, and stars add the perfect touch to fairy princess nail art. There is nail jewelry that compliments every possible costume theme. Select examples could be Champagne Toast Sparkles, Punky Princess, or Over-the-Rainbow Crushed Shell + Glitter. ($6.49/unit)

5. False Eyelashes

To make your eyes really pop, nothing works quite as well as a set of fake eyelashes. These Andrea Flirty Lashes Black #184 are very long, thick, and over the top. They make everyone's eyes look fun and flirty as a retro Sixties go-go dancer. It doesn’t matter what sexy costume you chose this year, a pair of faux eyelashes completes the look for Halloween. Also recommended is the Ardell Lashtite Eye Lash Adhesive Clear. ($5.49/pair)

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