5 Best Shopping Tips from March

What are you going to do once March Madness officially ends? Go back to work, I suppose? Spend your bracket winnings on Peeps and jelly beans? If you didn’t win your bracket, don’t worry. There’s always next year! For now, let’s revisit the 5 best shopping tips and stories from the month of March.

5. Breaking Fashion News: Dressing Like Your Parents Is Finally Cool

Have you hopped on the frumpterable and normcore bandwagons yet? They’re all about comfort and function through fashion. Also known as, raid your parents’ closet.

4. Interview With A Savings Expert: Ashley Jacobs

We had the pleasure of chatting with Wise Bread’s Community Coordinator, Ashley Jacobs and she showed us her method for tracking down the best finance tips the internet has to offer.

3. Perfect Eyebrows! Top Tips And Tools To Amazing Brows

Good news! It is possible to rock the perfect brow. It just takes a little work, patience, and these brilliant tips for our very own Beauty Geek, Taylor Backus!

2. How I Buy My Men’s Boxer Briefs

How do you buy your boxer briefs? Is it an easy process? Seth breaks down the key factors in making this purchase decision in such a unique and hilarious way, you’ll never look at it as “just another errand to run” again.

1. The Ultimate Guide To Staying On The Las Vegas Strip

Have you been to Vegas? Maybe you have, but have you really done Vegas the right way? From tips on getting the best amenities for your hotel room, to how to score the top VIP service in the clubs, this Vegas guide has everything you need to take on Sin City – including a very helpful comic!

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