5 Big Reasons to Let Carbonite Back Up Your Files

Carbonite provides an easy-to-use online storage and backup service that makes the time consuming process of data backup straightforward for the everyday computer user. Here’s why you should get it:

1. It Works: Since 2005, they’ve successfully backed up almost 200 billion files, currently more than 300 million daily. They have also restored over 7 billion “lost” or damaged files that would have been gone forever without them, and they supports both Mac’s and PC’s.

2. It’s Easy: The installation process is simple. After you choose the type of computer you're backing up, you can have Carbonite automatically complete the set-up process. This includes which files to backup, when to backup, and how to encrypt the data. Carbonite then works seamlessly in the background, doing its job without you having to think about it.

3. It’s a Great Value: Depending on your needs, each of the three versions they offer are well-worth the cost.

“Home” includes:

  • Automatic, unlimited, encrypted backup
  • Anytime, anywhere access to your files
  • US-Based Customer Support

“HomePlus” includes:

  • “Home” features
  • External hard drive support
  • Mirror image (Backs up docs, apps, and OS)

“HomePremier” includes:

  • “HomePlus” features
  • Automatic video backup
  • Courier recovery service

Carbonite offers a 15-day free trial with no credit card required, and nearly 70% of the people who try Carbonite purchase a subscription within the first two weeks.

4. It’s Mobile: You have access and control of your files when you’re at another computer. Their mobile app allows you to browse, view, and share the files backed up to your Carbonite account. What’s more, their apps for Android, iPhone, and iPad back up your photos & videos from your smartphones and tablets with the same ease as a desktop, server, or laptop.

5. It Offers Superior Support: Carbonite offers plenty of effective support options, including tutorials, videos, and how-to guides. Their FAQs section is one of the best and most useful we’ve ever encountered. Very refreshing. If you can’t solve your problem by using any of those options, they provide live chat with their experts. They also offer assistance via phone and email.


The benefits and peace of mind of Carbonite having your digital back is a great value for the cost. Of course that cost comes down considerably when you use a Carbonite coupon code to save on your purchase. Don’t be a victim of data loss. Be smart, be proactive, and become a Carbonite subscriber today.


By: Peter

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