5 Can't Miss Destinations in Ireland

When we wanted to know what the best cities in Ireland are, we went to Travelocity. It just so happens that they have Vacation Packages in all five of Ireland’s top destinations. Vacation packages are a great way to get the best deal on a flight, hotel, and rental car. We have compiled the five stops that should be considered, from the cobbled streets of Dublin to castles in the green countryside of Killarny. You could be touring the Guinness Factory and taking pictures with sheep in the near future. If you are traveling on a budget, or don’t mind saving money, check out these Travelocity coupon codes and promo deals too.


According to Travelocity, Dublin is a modern city with a rich literary tradition. The capital of Ireland is full of Georgian and Victorian architecture, historical sites, museums, and traveler’s hostels. The Norse city is thousands of years old.  For those interested in booking a hotel in Dublin, they recommend the Merrion in the heart of Dublin City Centre.

Galway City

Directly across from Dublin on the West Coast of Ireland is the coastal city of Galway. Travelocity reports that Galway City is the fastest growing area of Ireland. The surrounding hills offer a plentitude of outdoor activities. Or tour the coast on a Galway Bay cruise. The city is host to many history and art museums as well. The best hotel is the G Hotel.


The centrally located city of Limerick is the home of Ireland’s tallest church spire, as well as an abundance of cathedrals and theaters. The website does admit that staying in cheap accommodations gives you a better chance to see more of Limerick. For those looking for the best of the best try the Limerick Strand Hotel, formerly known as the Hilton.


The second largest city in Ireland is also one of the country’s most picturesque residential areas. The citizens of Cork are known for their friendliness and their distinctive accents. Since Cork is also a major seaport that is located along a coastal inlet, the city is full of bridges. There are a lot of shopping districts, breweries, and cathedrals. Try the Raddison Blue Hotel and Spa.


In the southern region of Ireland, Killarny rests amid many nature preserves and boggy fens. The area is rich in medieval castles, rolling hills, and emerald forests. Many visitors like to ride bikes through the National Parks and farmlands. There should be no shortage of grazing sheep, homemade food, and feudal landmarks. The Muckross Hotel is the best in town.

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