5 Cheap Ways to Decorate Your Home for Spring

For most of the country, winter is in beast mode. We’re talking monumental snow storms and not a lot of sunshine. It can be hard to escape the winter blues when it’s so miserable outside. That’s why you should decorate your home for spring now - you’ll feel better with a little revamp, and you’ll be all set when spring finally does arrive!

Your best bet for finding cheap home decor? That would be Cost Plus World Market, which has extremely affordable items. They also offer frequent promotions that can help you keep your decorating costs low (like up to 10% off your entire order)! So, read on for the 5 items you should add to your home to get ready for spring!

1. Colorful Rug

Need a quick way to add a little color to your home or apartment? Area rugs allow you to easily breathe new life into any space. World Market has an amazing selection of rugs, and they offer up to 50% off their collection with their Rug Caravan Sale! They also make it easy to find what type of rug will work specifically in your room, since you can search by size, style, color, and even price. For a spring-inspired look, check out the Mandarin Agra Wool Rug, which starts at $179.99, and can add some much-needed color to any room.

For a smaller space, try the Blue Floral Reversible Indoor-Outdoor Rug. It’s 2’x3’, and is only $15.99! The best part is that since it’s reversible, you’re basically getting 2 rugs for the price of 1. You can simply flip it over when you get tired of one print!

2. Framed Wall Art

Got nothing on your walls? It can get a little boring if you have nothing to look at in your home. Framed wall art is a great way to infuse your personality into your home, and you can pick something that will lift your spirits after being stuck inside all winter. Bring a sunny nature scene indoors with the “Spring Jubilee with Path” piece by Dean Bradshaw for just $79.99, or choose a graphic print like Purple Coral I for only $35.99!

The wall art items are also available for up to 50% off, so you can snag several pieces to display around your home without hurting your wallet.

3. Bedding

It can be hard to get out of bed in the morning during the cold winter months. Make your bedroom a brighter place to be with a colorful, new comforter. With World Market’s 20% Off Bedding Sale, you can find plenty of bedding options for cheap prices! Get the Floral and Geometric Darby Collection to incorporate some color into your room - the reversible quilt is just $79.99, and you can buy 2 matching pillow shams for $23.99.

Willing to go even brighter? Check out the Fiji Foliage Bedding Collection for a tropical island feel. The comforter is just $63.99, and the 2 matching pillow shams are $15.99! Want to save on your bedding purchases? Use a promo code at checkout!

4. Bright Throw Pillows

Don’t have much cash to spend? Throw pillows are an easy and fun way to revamp any room. The Red Suzani Embroidered Throw Pillow for $29.99 would make a perfect addition to any chair or couch. World Market also has a huge selection of solid color pillows, so you can incorporate them with other furniture you already have in your home. Some pillows are even available for as low as $9.99, so you won’t have to feel bad about adding several of them to your shopping cart!

5. Fun Shower Curtain

In the winter, it can be particularly hard to leave your warm bed and venture to the bathroom. One thing that might make it easier? A fun shower curtain that will help you start your day off on the right foot. You can usually find shower curtains marked down up to 40% off, like the Andana Medallion Shower Curtain, which is just $23.99. Its bright colors will definitely help invigorate your morning! For something a little more unique, try the Collingswood Shower Curtain (also for $23.99). The fun bird print will make it easy to find reasons to sing in the shower!

Whichever pieces you decide to add to your home, just remember to hang in there: spring is almost here!

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