5 Common Golf Mistakes Beginners Make

Golf. If you’re new to the sport, you’re probably surprised by how difficult it is to play, and play well. I feel you. The pros make it look so easy. It’s not a contact spot, there’s not a ton of running involved, and the attire is classic, yet casual. “Oh, so I just need to hit that ball really hard and get it onto that large patch of grass over there? And then take as few swings as possible to get it into the hole? Easy.” Nope. This sport requires practice, precision, focus, and strength.

Everyone is going to make mistakes the first time, or the first few times they head out onto the course. It happens. But here are five mistakes you can try to avoid. These tips will improve your game, and will make you hungry for more golf.

1) Don’t hit the course cold.

I made this mistake myself. I underestimated this sport and thought I could just go out there and kill it. Also, I figured that since I knew how to swing a baseball bat, I’d be fine with a golf club. I know. Stupid. Golf is not like mini golf, and it certainly isn’t like baseball. All of the people behind us had to wait for me. How humiliating, right? I learned the hard way that just like in any other sport, practice is key.

2) Don’t practice only on the driving range.

When you practice, you need to make sure to practice everything. Spending all of your time on the driving range will do nothing for your ability to putt. You need to save some time for that as well, since putting will end up being half of your swings.

3) Don’t use ill-fitting equipment.

You wouldn’t play hockey with the wrong size skates, would you? And you aren’t going to score any goals if your stick is made for someone twice your height. If you’re loving golf so far and see yourself playing on a regular basis, you should invest in clubs that are made to fit you. This game is hard enough to master without having the added stress of using the wrong equipment. It can also help you prevent injuries.

TaylorMade Golf offers what they call the “SelectFit System," which allows golfers to test hundreds of club combinations. Originally developed by TaylorMade's R&D department, SelectFit Technicians have more than 186 metalwood and shaft combinations, and more than 258 iron combinations available for you to demo. They can instantly change out components during your fitting to find the right combination to maximize your performance. Find a retailer near you and find your perfect fit. Once you know which club is right for you, order that and any other equipment and accessories you might need using a TaylorMade discount code!

4) Don’t make the ball your enemy.

Come on, we’ve all done it. You’re on the driving range and you want to whack that ball as hard and as far as it’ll go. Sometimes it helps to picture the face of someone you hate right in the center of the ball, pull back, and release. And you’ll definitely feel less stressed when you do that, but it won’t help your game. The last thing you want to happen is for your ball to go off the fairway. You don’t want to end up in the sand, or the woods, or the water, trying to get your ball back on course. Practice hitting the ball straight. That’s what will keep it on the fairway.

5) Don’t forget to study your swing.

TaylorMade has also developed the MAT-T (Motion Analysis Technology by TaylorMade) that combines a highly sophisticated software program with a series of high-speed cameras to create a computer-generated 3D image of your swing that’s viewable from every angle. In the process, every critical data point about how you swing the club and launch the ball is captured and analyzed. This information can help you improve your swing, break out of bad habits, and prevent future injuries.

Bottom line, just enjoy yourself. Play through.

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