5 Everyday Ways You Can Save Money From Home

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If you make anything less than six figures, it’s pretty safe to say you do some form of budgeting and money saving. Welcome to the club!

Here are a few simple DIY tips you can use to save money effectively.

1. Turn Off Your TV.  

Besides the obvious: you won’t be burning through your electricity bill, avoiding TV for multiple hours on end will spare you from watching enticing ads for things that might be out of your price range at the moment. Try relaxing with a nice book at the end of the day instead!

2. Give It Thirty Days.  

If you find something you really want but isn’t in your budget, try waiting thirty days before purchasing it. You might find that the urge to splurge passes with time and you’ll save that money for something you actually need.

3. Invite Friends To Your Place.  

I love going out as much as the next girl, but a great way to save money is inviting friends for a fun evening at your place! Maybe have everyone bring their favorite appetizer or a great bottle of wine. Yes, you’ll save money on food but also on gas and maybe a few impulse buys…or two.

4. Drink More Water.  

This might sound a little odd, but not only is water crucial for feeling healthy, I’ve found that if I drink a big glass of water before going out to eat, I’m not as hungry and end up eating less while I’m out.

5. Remove Credit Card Numbers From Online Accounts. 

It is really easy to online splurge when you’ve got an account with that particular company – just click and buy! Resist the urge. Clear those numbers from your accounts so that when you do purchase online, you make a conscious decision and have to go out of your way to get your card and input the information.

I hope these tips help you save money in all the right ways so that you can savor and enjoy the things that you do have!  

By: Bridget Lappert

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