5 Fall Fashion Essentials for Your Dog

Oh, did you think back-to-school shopping was just for humans? No way, Jose. I’m certain that if your four-legged friend could talk, he / she would tell you that a) more treats, please! and b) their wardrobe needs an update. Even when they act like they hate wearing clothes, like it’s almost unnatural for them to do so, just take it as, “I just want to express myself through fashion and this ill-fitting dog pun t-shirt is not going to cut it.” 

And since they can’t count either, there’s no need to spend a fortune on this season’s latest dog trends. Save big by using any of these Mini in the Box discount codes when you shop.

Here are five apparel items from Mini in the Box that will have your pup strutting around the dog park like it’s a runway.

1. Something Preppy

Pups today, I tell ya. No sense of appropriate style.

Well, this item oughta help. Nothing says class and sophistication quite like a doggy in a sweater vest. Pop this sweater / collared shirt combo over those floppy ears and your dog will be ready for tea with the Queen.

2. Something Dressy

Speaking of sophistication, what are you going to do if you’re invited to a dog friendly, formal event (not sure these exist), and you have nothing for your furry date to wear?

First of all, don’t panic. They feed off of your energy. Second of all, this flowery bowknot dress is perfect for a black tie optional evening. The boys will certainly be drooling over it. Especially if you put a biscuit in the bowknot.

3. Something Warm

Don’t mistake the fur coat growing out of your dog’s body to be sufficient as an actual coat. On the chillier days, your dog will appreciate a little extra warmth. This cool European Style Woolen Coat would work for a lord or a lady and it also has a faux fur hoodie attached.

4. Something for Halloween

You didn’t expect Gilligan or Beatrice (my all time favorite pet names) to wear the same old dinosaur costume he / she wore last year, do you? When cute pet costumes like this adorable Penguin Hoodie Coat are this affordable, an upgrade is easy to justify.

5. Something Trendy

Anything that remotely resembles Chuck Taylors will always be trendy. So really, these Chuck Taylors for dogs  are timeless. And even though your dog will probably hesitantly take steps like they’re his / her first while wearing them, at the very least, it would make a great YouTube video.

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