5 Fashion Trends to Leave in 2014 (And 5 To Try in the New Year)

It’s easy to jump on some of the trend bandwagons - you want to wear what’s in, right? But, that also means you might fall into the trap of wearing some fashion trends that have definitely overstayed their welcome. Now that the year is over, here are some 2014 fashion trends that you should consider retiring for good. Need ideas on what to wear in 2015? I’ve also got suggestions for 5 looks you can try instead.

1. Crop Tops

Crop tops were all the rage in 2014... literally every celeb rocked them at some point. I even wrote a blog to help you determine if you were brave enough to wear them. Well, now they’re completely overplayed. And let’s face it: we weren’t really all cut out to bare our midriffs anyway.

What to wear instead:

Revert back to simple silhouette dresses, like this color block dress from Christopher and Banks. Classic styles like this one will help you achieve a pulled-together and glamourous look - and you can keep your belly button covered! Plus, this dress is only $17 (!), and there are even more discounts with a coupon code!

2. Super Holey Jeans

The holey jean trend is completely lost on me. You basically look like you got your jeans out of the trash or got into a serious fight with a cat. Either way, if you want to look somewhat presentable, super holey jeans are not an option. I’m all for a tiny tear to give yourself a bit of an edge, but more than 2 rips is a no-no.

What to wear instead:

For a casual look that still makes you appear put together, check out Forever 21’s huge selection of denim. My favorite style are the Classic Skinny Jeans - they’re only $17 (uh, yes please!), and they’re totally versatile. The dark wash is even acceptable for some workplaces or a date night.

3. Shirts Tied Around the Waist

Okay, I’ll admit I’d pretty much wear any trend Beyonce rocks. But, the shirt tied around the waist is just a little too ‘90s grunge for me. Guys also started doing this in 2014, and this made me hate the trend even more.

What to wear instead:

Plaid shirts are still totally acceptable, and will remain on trend in 2015. Just wear it like a normal shirt, a la this V-Neck Plaid Top from UrbanOG. If you avoid tying it around your waist, you’ll be safe from the fashion police.

4. Fedoras

Fedoras were another trend that celebrities really got into this year. However, unless you’re trying to create a disguise to fool the paparazzi, this trend has definitely been overdone. I’m especially mystified by the fedoras that look too small. Why would you want your head to seem gigantic?

What to wear instead:

It’ll be a while before knit beanies go out of style. They’re super comfortable to wear, and they keep your ears warm! The best part is that you can often find them for less than 10 bucks, like the beanies from Target. They’re only $8, and they come in tons of different colors!

5. Peplum

Although Kim Kardashian is a huge fan of peplum, I just don’t get it. Why would I want extra fabric to draw attention to my hips? Kim has a great figure, but I feel like peplum makes you look kinda chubby (even if you’re not!). I will not be sorry to see this trend disappear in the new year!

What to wear instead:

Instead of peplum, try incorporating ruffles into another part of your outfit. Designers like Valentino and Haider Ackermann showcased them in their spring/summer 2015 runway looks, so they’re perfect for the new year. Try a jumpsuit with ruffles like this one from GoJane for just $30, and your look will definitely be on point.

The end of the year is the perfect time to go through your closet and eliminate the styles that are dunzo. You’ll also have more room for new clothes!

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