5 Festive Fall Florals For Fun-Filled Functions

This autumn, it should look like a flower bomb exploded in your house or place of business. Fall entertaining means festive florals like late season sunflowers, pumpkin and gourd emblazoned wreaths, terracotta berry planters, amber raffia accents, and pots and pots of mums. Placing a regular order at a reputable delivery service such as 1800Flowers is a great way to keep your empty space stocked with fresh blooms. Save money off your floral arrangements by checking for a 1-800-Flowers promo code beforehand.

1. Chrysanthemums

Mums are a hardy perennial that blooms in the autumn months, making them a popular choice for festive arrangements. They also happen to grow in a variety of nice warm colors like orange, yellow, and red. The unique 1800Flowers strain of mums is ‘blazing burgundy’ with yellow tips and a green center. It comes with its own rustic wood chip planter and oodles of country charm. ($39.99)

2. Fall Wreaths

Even if you don’t have time to hike around the woods looking for organic, seasonal, native plants to staple together, you can still have a charming wreath for your door. 1800Flowers offers several faux wreaths this season that are accented with plenty of fall color. The Faux Festive Pumpkin and Gourd Wreath is a cornucopia of pumpkins and gourds, pine cones, berries, and autumn foliage. ($39.99)

3. Rustic Berry Plant

The warm tones of these Rustic Berry Plants sitting in a planter of terracotta suits fall color schemes. Commonly known as the Pin Cushion Plant, the compact perennials make an impressive display when lined in a row on a tabletop or mantelpiece. They are also called Baby Tears for their tiny leaves and Coral Beads for their profusion of nontoxic berries. ($49.99 for 3)

4. Autumn Mosaic

The Amber Waves™ floral arrangement by 1800Flowers is inspired by the nature of the American countryside. You are looking at a fresh arrangement of pale green roses, white trachelium, rust colored alstroemeria, solidago, bupleurum, variegated pittosporum, lotus pods, and dried oak leaves. The attractive mosaic container includes a twinkling tea candle with each order. ($59.99 for Large)

5. Sunflower Bouquet

This late-summer bouquet is fresh sunflowers stuffed in a shiny, copper vase. The combination of bright yellow and metallic copper is quite striking and suits fall decorative themes. The impressive blooms of the sunflower are known for their ability to follow the path of the sun all day. They are also a prolific source of edible seeds that are rich in fatty oils and nutrients. ($51.99)

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