5 Fresher Ways To Wear Florals – All Under $100!

The famed Chelsea Flower Show is just weeks away and even if you're lacking in the garden (or royal invitation) department, you can still show off your flower power by way of your wardrobe. A few quick clicks of the latest street snaps revealed that floral prints of every creed, color, and kind are cramming the catwalk (and the sidewalk) – from grunge daisies to trendy tropical patterns. Done right, florals can freshen up your city summer style so we've teamed up with The Limited to help you flourish and avoid looking like a Mothers Day bouquet.

5. Accessories Abloom

Let's keep it real – precious petals are not for everyone, especially if your approach to apparel is more Lanvin than Little House. One way of working florals into your everyday wear with minimal effort is by accessorizing. Understated add-ons like scarves, snapbacks, or these subtle Frosty Floral Jeweled Earrings ($19.90) made up of cream, green, and white gems add just the right amount of flora and fauna into your fashion.

4. Graphic Gardener

If red roses and blue violets are a little too dowdy for your downtown status, try pushing the fash forward button and getting graphic in more geometric shapes. Preen your order with one of many The Limited discounts to watch the savings unfold. This bestselling Printed Halter Maxi Dress ($98) in smooth batiste, diamond shaped dahlias, and vibrant black & blue hues says more futuristic than flower girl and is sure to get stylistas and suitors buzzing over its kaleidoscope-like effect when you walk into the room.

3. Fluorescent Flowers

Pastel pinks and purples have a way of making even the most edgy look like Easter Sunday but if you're seriously digging the tea party trend, neon colors could be your sartorial savior. Flowers featured in unexpected yellows, pinks, and reds give off haute wattage and say urban romance instead of church lady chic. The Sheer Floral Print Blouse ($49.90) in varying shades of ombre orange is the perfect compromise to the printed corsage.

2. Blossoming Bottoms

Perfect for the months of festival dressing ahead – shorts, skirts, and pants printed in pretty plants make an excellent addition to your warm weather wardrobe, particularly if you want to stand out in the free spirit sea of fringe, flower crowns, and fairy wings. The Drew Classic Ankle Pants ($34.99) may have a traditional, timeless fit but the bright n'bold blossoms and cotton sateen stretch make them more ready-to-wear than resort.

1. Cross Patternization

Whether abstract, checked, comic, striped, tribal, or floral – prints (on prints on prints) made their mark a few seasons back and they aren't going anywhere anytime soon. Mashing up prints is an unpredictable way to toughen up fussy flowers and give your ensemble some much needed edge. Our number one – the Forenza Floral Print T-Shirt Dress ($89.90), with a silky border shift, does an expert job of blending bright – to black & white blossoms without missing one best dressed beat. Plant the seed of savings when you use a coupon from The Limited to score this posh pick.

By: Stephanie

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