5 Fun BBQ Items Everyone Should Have

Summer has officially arrived, which means that everyone wants to eat and relax outside. If given the choice between a kitchen table or a back porch, which location would you choose to kick back with a lime-flavored brew and enjoy the late sun? What about between a kitchen table and a blanket on the sand? Exactly.

When darkness doesn’t show up until primetime hours; a summer breeze, some classic BBQ dishes and a few close friends make up the essence of the warmer months that we miss when the other seasons dominate. This is what we hold onto when the snow storms of February seem never ending.

Because this time of year is filled with gatherings, grub, and giggles, you need to make sure you have the right items to accommodate your guests. You’ve already stocked up on the outdoor dinnerware and basic grilling tools, so that’s everything, right? Sure, you could get by with that. And since you only use these items from May to September, they’ll last a long time. But keep in mind, this is the time of year when more pictures are taken, more memories are made and more playlists feature songs by Will Smith. So you should really get all of the details right. But have no fear! When there's always a variety of Sur La Table discounts available to use, you'll be able to put together the perfect BBQ without breaking the bank. Here are five budget-friendly items that add that fun, extra something to the best days and nights you’re about to have.

1. Glass Beverage Jar ($29.99 Sur La Table)

These are fantastic for housing a party cocktail, or a refreshing summer drink for a large group. Plus, if you add mint leaves or another green leafy herb, it makes your party 67% classier. (Or at least 25%. I’m no expert though.) Sur La Table has a variety of options for this, all under $50.00. And paired with our incredible Sur La Table coupons, these will be a great steal!

2. Citronellla Candles in disguise ($12.95 Sur La Table)

Mosquitos are probably the only irritating thing about summer. And man, are they irritating. Slapping yourself repeatedly in the company of others isn’t cute and luckily, citronella candles keep those buggers at bay. Still, these candles don’t exactly provide ambiance like regular candles do, so why not make them fun? Glass of wine? Frosty mug of beer? Nope, those are mosquito repellers. Just don’t accidentally take a swig.

3. Suggestive Statement Aprons ($29.95 - Sur La Table)

The person manning the grill at a BBQ has a big job to do. That we know. We know because that person will probably tell us how big of a job it is. They’ll also be the one wearing the apron with the cheesy or suggestive statement on it. The suggestive apron adorned by the kooky person holding the tongs is the summer Santa in the big red suit. A staple of the season, if you will. If you don’t already have one, here’s one that says, “I cook with wood.” Perfection.

4. Potato Nails (Set of 4 for $19.99 - Sur La Table)

Because I’m almost 30 years old and I still like to play with my food. I’m also willing to bet that however old you are, you do too. “One baked pirate, please.” Will your guests remember that extra dash of cilantro in the pasta salad that made it just superb? Maybe, but maybe not. They won’t soon forget dressing up their taters though. That’s for sure.

5. Glass Storage Containers ($18.00 - Sur La Table)

Oh, you don’t need tupperware? You have some already? When was the last time you checked to see if all of the containers matched the loose tops in your cupboard? Food storage containers are ALWAYS a good buy because even if you don’t need them now, you will later.

The best part about this ridiculous list of misfit BBQ items is that they are all now on sale! Summer is here and 4th of July is just around the corner, it’s time to get summer-brating! Drop in a Sur La Table coupon code and soak in the savings.

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