5 Fun Photo Collage Ideas From Snapfish - All Under $50!

We’re living in the days of digital and if a tree falls in the forest – chances are there's an Android, Apple product, DSLR camera, or astray beauty blogger ready and aimed at it. While there's clearly no issue with shooting new photos – finding quicker, chicer ways to display them is another subject. Don't let your Instagram get all the snap action, collages are a fresh and fun way to showoff your endless supply of shameless selfies, cupcake and cute kitten close ups, and blurry bar mirror exhibitions. Not to mention mashing n' mixing images makes for picture perfect presents. We’ve teamed up with Snapfish to clue you in on the five most popular professional quality photo collage products that will have your nears and dears doing double takes.

5. Photo Collage Fleece Blanket ($49.99)

Put your favorite faces forward on this friendly fleece and warm the hearts of the ones you love every time they get cozy with this collage covered throw.

4. Calendar Collage Poster ($9.99)

Make planning extra personal when you plaster your top ten poses on this custom calendar that will have people stoked over saving the date for months (and the montage) ahead. 

3. Collage Commuter Mug ($17.99)

No mean mugging allowed, put your upside down frown on this one-of-a-kind coffee cup and help your truest blues face Monday morning commutes and cubicle conflicts head on.

2. Collage Photo Canvas ($39.99)

Make yourself into a museum worthy masterpiece when you print your portraits on this premium quality canvas that's stunning and simple-to-mount on any mantel, wall, or hallway.

1. Collage Prints (from 15¢ each)

Fan-fave and obvious frontrunner Snapfish prints, offered in an array of layouts, shapes, and sizes give great image and at low costs – starting from fifteen cents each, you can showoff your model behavior for pretty pennies on the dollar.

Whether you’re a well-followed internet icon or just looking to make your memories last beyond a few quick clicks – photo collages are a creative way to let your snapshots tell the story. Our top five Snapfish gift picks will help you get graphic in a good way with your antisocial (media) parents, out-of-state sorority sisters, and long list of happy hour suitors. If you like what you see, ordering from Snapfish.com can be done in a flash – simply upload all your highest liked hi-res along with one of our eye catching coupons and get ready for your gifs, jpegs, and pngs to make their paper debut.

By: Stephanie

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