5 Fun Vacation Spots To Take The The Kids On Winter Break

Okay, so your children have been hard at work at school, and you’ve been hard at work at work, as well as hard at work making sure they’ve been hard at work. All of you deserve a vacation from all that work, so, take one. Here’s a list of family-friendly vacay destinations and what they offer to enable you to relax, play, and catch up on non-work related quality time together.

1. San Diego, California

You’ve got your beaches, your Historic Gaslamp Quarter, your Sea World, your world famous San Diego Zoo, your Knott’s Berry Farm,  your Legoland, and more all either in San Diego or just a short drive away. You have to wonder with so much fun to be had, how do the residents of San Diego get any work done? Plus, for budget conscious destinations, there’s always the beach or Balboa Park, both of which are free.

2. Branson, Missouri

Nestled in the heart of the scenic Ozark Mountains next to Table Rock Lake, Branson just gets better and better at being the American epicenter for good ol’, wholesome family fun. There are tons of dining options, tons of fun museums, tons of music, and tons of other attractions like the Silver Dollar City amusement park. Branson was basically designed to be a family vacation spot and it they did an incredible job of it. The bonus here is that just taking in all the sites costs nothing at all, as does dropping a fishin’ line into the lake.

3. Orlando, Florida

Yes, this is home to Disney World  and the World of Harry Potter , but it’s also home to a whole world of other fun. You can all enjoy the wildlife at Gatorland or SeaWorld's Discovery Cove, play golf on more the 150 courses, or catch  Cirque de Soleil or the Blue Man Group doing their things. Winter is most definitely a great time to go to beat the crowds. My own family went to Harry Potter during break a couple of years ago and it was like we owned the place.

4. Cabo, Mexico

Ah, Cabo...the beach, the sun, the jumbo Margaritas... Cabo has plenty of safe, family friendly resorts to choose from. If you want to give your children a taste of a different culture in a fun environment while you all catch some rays and escape the cold weather, this is a fine place to start.

5. Whitefish, Montana

What winter vacation list would be complete without including someplace to ski or snowboard? This one’s a great choice precisely because you may never have heard of it -- that means neither have a lot of other people, so don’t worry about crowds. Another big plus is that lodging and lift tickets are a huge bargain compared to other ski destinations. Guess how much it costs to have a snowball fight or build a snowman? Zip.

All of these sound so good that you’re having trouble choosing? Well, write them down, put them in a hat and pick one out – but don’t throw a dart at the screen, for obvious reasons. Once you make your choice, booking with Hotels.com can save you a bunch of time and cash, especially when you use their discount codes.

If you do decide to get away with the family, make sure to check out this video for some great travel tips:

Once again, you deserve a vacation, so, take one. Your kids will love you for it, even more than they already do.

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By: Peter

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