5 Gourmet Gift Baskets That Are Sure To Impress

Flowers are nice, but you cannot usually eat them. For some people, including most children and men, a gift basket is a more thoughtful sentiment. Gourmet treats that have been artfully arranged in a container, can be much better than live flowers. This makes them ideal for gifting occasions, especially long distance or mail order presents. There are so many different options at Gourmet Gift Baskets, that we thought it would be fun to break down some of the best – so you don’t have to. Before you buy, be sure to check for a Gourmet Gift Baskets coupon code.

1. Organic Gift Basket - Premium

Nature lovers are sure to appreciate this all natural assortment of organic goodies. The basket includes all 100% USDA Certified Organic Foods. The treats are grown without chemical fertilizers and processed without radiation treatments or artificial additives. The deluxe version is filled to the brim with crackers, spreads, candy, fruit bars, dried fruit, tea, honey, pasta, and pancake mix. ($129.99)

2. Champagne & Truffles Gift Basket™

Champagne & Truffles is one of the company’s most romantic gift baskets. It is so popular that they had to have it trademarked. Fine chocolates are traditionally considered to be a gift that is amorous in nature. Champagne is an alcoholic beverage that people often drink together on special occasions. If you send both, your recipient will get the message. ($129.99 - $229.99)

3. New England Breakfast Gift Basket Deluxe™

One does not commonly see many breakfast themed packages, but that is the kind of creativity that they offer at Gourmet Gift Baskets. The deluxe version of their trademark English Breakfast Gift Basket comes with everything you need for a proper morning meal. That includes oatmeal, blueberry jam, bacon, biscuits, coffee, pancake mix, maple syrup, and cinnamon bun mix. ($99.99)

4. Ultimate Margarita Madness Gift Basket™

Tequila enthusiasts will adore their new Margarita Madness gift basket, especially if you send the deluxe version. It comes with everything they need to have a little fiesta, like a 10" platter, cocktail mixer, salt, and even utensils. In case they get hungry after drinking margaritas, included are chips and crackers, guacamole mix, queso, chorizo, and salsa. ($119.99)

5. Camp Essentials Camp Care Package™

Children love receiving packages from Gourmet Gift Baskets even more than adults do. The Camp Essentials Camp Care Package is one of the company’s best sellers. It is the perfect choice for those away at summer camp. Comes with a fresh toothbrush, hand sanitizer, journal and bendable PVC pencil, pencil sharpener, flashlight and two AA batteries, Suduko puzzle book, memo board, and rainbow yo-yo. ($34.99)

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