5 Items That’ll Make You Wish You Were a Baby Again

Kids today, am I right? They get all of these newfangled contraptions to play with, nap in, go get their baby lattes with extra foam in. It’s ridiculous......... Fine. You caught me. It’s obvious that my words are heavily laced with jealousy, so I’m not going to try and hide it. Baby products on the market today are, for the most part, spectacular. All of the errors made in baby product development back when you and I were babies have been fixed and improved.

However, just because the products available today are better than they were 20 years ago, doesn’t mean it’s any easier making the right choices when it comes to buying the things your bundle of joy needs. Which stroller should you get? Which car seat is the considered to be the safest? Well, thank goodness for Giggle.com, because they take the stress of shopping for your little one right out of the equation. They evaluate everything they carry on a strict criterion to make sure parents get the most innovative, healthy, and socially responsible products available.

Shopping is supposed to be fun, and Giggle makes it so. And what’s the best part about shopping? Saving money, duh. Check out our Giggle coupon codes and have a blast while saving big.

I might not have a child to shop for at the moment (and my friends are all too happy to remind me that my dog doesn’t count), so when I’m browsing Giggle, I marvel at all of the things I would’ve loved to have as a child. Here are five items that make me wish I were a baby again.

1. Fresco Chrome High Chair Frame - Special Edition ($550 - Giggle.com)

Perhaps I would’ve been more inclined to eat my peas if I had a feeding chair that looked like it belonged in The Jetsons house. Make believe is a bland vegetable’s best friend, I tell ya.

2. Design Your Own Superhero Cape ($40 - Giggle.com)

Anything is much cooler in a kit, don’t you think? Rather than cutting up an old sheet and covering it with marker, glue and glitter, here’s all the tools you’ll need to save the world from evil that lurks in the shadows. And it comes in a nicely organized, easy-to-carry box. Score!

3. Sport Shoe ($29 - Giggle.com)

The days of selecting shoes based on over pronation, heel support and stability are decades away, so for now just enjoy these teeny tiny little slip-ons that are made to look like sneakers.

4. Maxi Sofa Rabbit Zen ($80 - Giggle.com)

It’s a couch! No, it’s a rabbit! Spoiler alert, it’s both. And also my new best friend. There should really be more adult furniture shaped like cuddly animals. Maybe then I would try harder for an early bedtime and a solid night’s sleep.

5. Fresh Food Market ($150 - Giggle.com)

“Mom, can we go to the Farmer’s Market today? I need to re-stock the organic strawberries.” Clean eating has trickled all the way down into kids’ toys, apparently. That’s pretty amazing. The sooner kids learn about eating healthy, the brighter their futures look.

If you have a little one of your own, one on the way, or just an intense love of nostalgia, check out Giggle.com for the best baby products around. But make sure you shop smart and use our Giggle discount codes for even better savings!

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