5 Mental Tips That Will Lower Your Golf Score

It's no secret that pro golfers spend countless hours practicing. It is, after all, their job. Unfortunately, chances are that you don’t have the luxury of that much time to devote to your own game. After all, you have a job of your own, and it’s not being a professional golfer.

It’s also no secret great golfers have great mental games. (Read “Think Like Tiger: An Analysis of Tiger Woods's Mental Game.”) Here are some tips that can shave strokes off your game that you can practice and think about whenever and wherever you want, because they all take place in your head.

1: Pre-Tee Time Preparation

Warm up mentally the night before your next round. Get enough sleep. It’s much easier to focus with a well-rested mind than a fatigued one. As you drift off to dreamland, picture yourself on the course being successful. Play the entire 18 holes in your head.

2. Enjoy Yourself

Easy to say, sometimes hard to do, but making sure you’re having a good time will do wonders for your game. Don’t lose sight of the fact that it is just a game, and the world won’t end based on your performance. Shake off your bad shots. Allowing yourself to become frustrated will only lead to you making more. Stay cool and joke around between shots. Don’t be shy about making fun of yourself if you put one in the pond.

3. Follow Your Routine

You know what you need to physically to hit a good shot, so focus on doing the same way every time. Let your routine be your anchor of consistency. Don’t stress about pressure shots and let your routine be your guide to treating every shot the same way. Try to hyper-focus on this during your next round as you fully commit to each shot.

4: Don’t Over Analyze

Whether you just put on in the cup from 100 yards out or knocked a squirrel out of a tree, forget about it and move on to the next shot. Concentrate of what’s coming up next, not what’s already in the past. A quick mental review of your last swing is fine, but make sure it really is quick.

5: Visualize A Bullseye

Pinpoint a specific target before you swing and then picture the ball nailing it. You may have heard this one before, but think of the hole as a clock and aim for making the ball enter the hole at a specific hour.

Now that we’ve touched on how what’s going on in your brain can impact your game, let’s finish with a look at some physical tips from “4 Of The Finest Brains in Golf.” The people at TaylorMade Golf (who certainly know a thing or two about the game and equipping your for it) put this video together. It really cuts to the chase and is very helpful.

See? Give those a try the next time you’re out and keep thinking about thinking about golf – but not TOO much. Stay loose, relax, breathe, and smile. Above all, let those bad shots go, ‘cause brother, you ain’t got no time machine – but you do have complete control of your own mind.

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By: Peter

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