5 More Ways to Keep Your Face Acne-Free

Sometimes it seems like no matter how hard I try, my skin is just prone to breakouts. I’ll get enough sleep, I’ll eat clean, and I’ll exercise. Which is hard enough to do as it is. When practiced consistently, all of these habits help maintain a fresh, healthy glow. So why aren’t they doing the trick? Wasn’t acne just supposed to be a painful experience from my teen years?

If you run into the same problem with your skin, there might be additional steps you can take to reduce breakouts. Clear skin is a battle worth fighting for, so let’s get to know the other everyday dirty scoundrels getting in the way of the glow you deserve. If you’re already on a normal and consistent sleep schedule, staying away from junk food as best you can, and torching calories a few times a week, give these steps a try.

1. Stop Touching Your Face

Bacteria and germs are most commonly spread by people’s hands and fingertips. Think about how many door knobs, drawer handles, appliances, and surfaces your hands have come into contact with. In just the last 24 hours. Did you wash your hands after each one? Probably not. And the other people that touched the same door knobs and handles probably didn’t either. Gross.

The first step to kicking this habit is awareness. Try to count how many times your hands go to your face in a day. Then try cutting it down and reduce it from there.

2. Clean Your Phone

Next in the chain of touch is your phone. How often are you touching the screen of your phone? And then pressing that same screen up to your ear and against the side of your face? If you’re a well-connected individual like most of us are these days, that number is probably pretty high. Keep that screen squeaky clean.

3. Wash Your Linens

Bacteria can also live in unwashed fabric, so keeping your sheets and pillowcases clean is a must. Depending on the position you sleep in, you might need to wash your linens more frequently. If you’re a perfect angel sleeper that falls asleep on your back and doesn’t move an inch during the night, your face isn’t up against your linens enough to cause concern. But c’mon. Nobody sleeps like that. If you’re a side or stomach sleeper, rotate and flip your pillow after a few days, and try to wash them every week or two.

4. Don’t Just Rely on Makeup Remover Wipes

Just because they can remove your makeup, doesn’t mean they’re a sufficient replacement for a pre-bedtime face wash. In fact, the wipes can even push makeup deeper into your pores, leaving you with potential trouble zones if you use that as your only bedtime cleansing ritual. The best bet is to wash your face to remove the makeup, and then use the wipes as a method of getting rid of any excess residue.

Even better, is having a 3-step skin regimen. Using a system that cleans, exfoliates, and hydrates your skin, that’s perfectly matched to your skin type is key to keeping it clear. This 3-step system from Murad is so good that 92% of users experienced a reduction in acne breakouts in just 3 days! And these Murad coupon codes will give your budget a nice healthy glow as well.

5. Use Food as Your Friend

You can’t fight this battle alone. You need an army. Foods like olive oil, pomegranate, and green tea fight and reduce inflammation of the skin. You can consume any of them OR you can use them topically, directly on the skin, for the same effects.

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